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ViSenze's mission is to make sense of the visual web

13 November 2013 Department of Computer Science NExT News Media


ViSenze is a startup that srpung from the NExT Research Centre and is a collaboration between the National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University of China. It is seeking to help both users and businesses make sense of an increasingly visual online world. Founded in 2012, ViSenze has a mission to unlock the intelligence captured in any rich visual content using sophisticated visual recognition technology and visual driven analytics.

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Computer whizz from Temasek Poly among 80 who receive MCI scholarships

16 August 2013 Department of Computer Science Student News Media


Mr Kelvin Ang was one of 80 recipients of scholarships from the Ministry of Communication and Information and its agencies, such as the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and Media Development Authority. Upon receiving his computer engineering degree from the National University of Singapore, Kelvin may work on security matters for StarHub, which is co-sponsoring him under the National Infocomm Scholarship scheme with IDA.

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These 5 Baidu hackathon finalists make your life greener and simpler

29 July 2013 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media


Online marketplace Carousell is keen to streamline the online selling process. Users can create free listings and sell items in less than 30 seconds. With a specific focus on re-sale and re-use of textbooks alone, it is estimated to save 9.1 kilograms of carbon dioxide produced per textbook, equivalent to the amount produced by 659 cars.

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Healthcare analytics can help experts to provide better service

11 July 2013 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media


The two-day international conference on health data management, called Address Challenges and Strategies in Managing and Analysing Big Data in Healthcare, is hosted by the National University of Singapore.

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ViSenze partners Rakuten Taiwan and Clozette to power visual search

03 July 2013 Department of Computer Science NExT News Media


ViSenze Pte Ltd announced its partnership with Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba, Inc. and Clozette. Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba is a subsidiary of Rakuten Group and the partnership will see ViSenze launch a state-of-the-art visual fashion search and recognition service on the company’s social and shopping site in Taiwan.

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Two Singapore startups win trip to Cambridge, UK for mentoring program

06 June 2013 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media


Two Singapore technology startups have won a new mentorship competition run by leading UK software company Red Gate and Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA). Both companies will fly out to Red Gate's Cambridge headquarters later this summer, where they'll receive individually-tailored mentoring from the team that grew Red Gate from a startup to an international software firm.

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NUS honours innovators in video software, dialysis industry

17 May 2013 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media


Adjunct Professor Pete Kellock has been honoured at this year's NUS Innovation and Enterprise Awards for his contributions to muvee technologies.

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Paper cutouts come to life with AutoGami

30 April 2013 Department of Computer Science Faculty Student News Media

Getting homemade paper crafts to move on their own would normally require having a technological whizkid in the house. Assistant Professor of Computer Science Dr. Shen Zhao and PhD student Kening Zhu have debuted the AutoGami toolkit that can bring the wackiest cutouts to life in no time at all.

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Semantics3 in top tech programme

16 March 2013 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media

Semantics3, a data application programme interface (API) platform co-founded by Computer Engineering alumnus Sivamani Varun, is the first Singapore start-up to join a top tech accelerator called Y Combinator in California. The three-month programme, which is now winding up, allows the start-up's three co-founders to seek advice from Y Combinator's stable of technopreneurs and mentors.

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NUS launches new business analysis degree

13 March 2013 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

To boost the pool of business analysts, NUS will be offering a new degree in August. The multidisciplinary Business Analytics programme will be based in the School of Computing.

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Course framed as a game proves a hit with students

13 October 2012 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

As part of NUS's pilot initiatives to use technology to stimulate learning among students, NUS Computing Assistant Professor Ben Leong has adopted the novel teaching approach of gaming in his lessons. Assignments in his computer programming class are divided into multiple missions and students embark on quests- scoring points by answering the questions correctly as well as participating in tutorials and the course discussion forum.

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They're ahead of the class

09 July 2012 Department of Computer Science Student News Media

Desite being only 20-year-old, Carmen Cheh has just received a degree in Computer Science with First Class Honors. Offered a place at NUS Computing after three and a half years in NUSHS, Carmen was then the youngest undergraduate of the programme at 16.

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Course to teach health workers infocomm skills

03 March 2012 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

Healthcare professionals will get the chance to pick up information technology skills by taking a new course at NUS. The programme will be helmed by NUS Computing, as part of an initiative by the Infocomm Development Authority that aims to groom talent in Singapore.

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From ITE to NUS scholar

03 March 2012 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

Mr. Ang Jin Hui had a PSLE aggregate score of 146 , ended up in the Normal (Technical) stream in secondary school and then spent two years at ITE before he was admitted into Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Now he is a first-year student under the prestigious University Scholars Programme and pursuing a Bachelor of Computing in Electronic Commerce.

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Local iPad app is tops on iTunes

08 July 2011 Department of Computer Science Student News Media

Computer Science students Jason Dinh Ba Thanh and Nguyen Huy Toan developed a Facebook app for Apple's iPads that has became a topseller in the iTunes App Store only four months after its launch.

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Building virtual towns to expand vocabulary

14 May 2011 Department of Computer Science Student Alum News Media

NUS Computing students and alumni have developed a vocabulary game which involves kindergarten children setting up virtual towns using a deck of cards, a laptop and a web camera. The game won the top prize in the tertiary student category at the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation Awards in September last year.

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Making computer use easier for seniors

16 April 2011 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

Assistant Professor Zhao Shengdong of the Department of Computer Science and his team of researchers are developing an intelligent computer program that will mould itself to the preferences of its users. A prototype is expected by the end of next year.

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No more getting lost around school

21 February 2011 Department of Computer Science Faculty Student News Media

 As part of their final year project last year, two Computer Science students designed a touchscreen directory kiosk for the School of Computing, which allows users to obtain specific instructions on how to get to their desired locations. Associate Professor Tan Tiow Seng said that the group had received positive feedback and that he saw great potential for the kiosk.

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Local app speaks Malay, Mandarin and English

10 January 2011 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

NUS Computing researchers have developed a smartphone application that automatically performs a two-way speech-to-text translation in three languages - English, Mandarin and Malay.

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Top essay probes inequality in Asia

07 December 2010 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media

Computer Engineering alumnus Sarabjit Singh beat 400 other contestants from 21 countries to win a regional essay competition that aimed to generate fresh ideas for tackling key challenges to Asia's competitiveness and development.

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