A web based, bring-your-own-device, in-class interaction tool. Instructor can post various types of question (open-ended, MCQ, ranking, point-and-click, drawing, voting etc) and get instantaneous collation from students attempts.

Developers: Soo Yuen Jien and Liu Weiyuan (

coursemology 000 Coursemology

A platform to turn course exercises into an online game. This gamification platform can support any course subjects.

Developer: Ben Leong

codecrunch 000


Administer programming assignments. Main capabilities includes deployment of question package, accept student submissions and automarking.

Developers: Tan Sun Teck , Tan Tuck Choy, Aaron



A series of configurable visualization for data structures and algorithms, from simple sorting algorithms to complex graph data structures.

Developer: Steven Halim



HubTurbo is a desktop companion for the popular GitHub project hosting website. HubTurbo can be used to monitor issue trackers of multiple GitHub projects, which is particularly useful when using GitHub for software project modules.

Developer: Damith Rajapakse


PowerPoint Labs

PowerPointLabs is a productivity add-in for PowerPoint that helps users create more visual and more dynamic slides with less effort.

Developer: Damith Rajapakse



Readpeer is a social document annotation system that allow users to make annotations on documents and share it with their friends on social network.

Developer: Anthony Tung


Step By Step - C

Web based visualization tool for C novice programmer. The tool accepts user C program and illustrate the memory content after every execution step. Support all basic control flow construct, function, array and pointers.

Developers: Soo Yuen Jien and Tham Mingxiang (


Student Submission Integrity Diagnosis

An open-source system for source code plagiarism detection and subsequent workflow / visualization. Software: WebLink GitHubLink

Developer: Kan Min-Yen




Online System for managing various feedback paths in a class, such as peer evaluation, peer/instructor feedback for presentation and student feedbacks for instructor.

Developer: Damith Rajapakse