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LL.M and PhD, Emory University
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Dr. Chen Yuanyuan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She joined NUS in September 2008 after she received her Ph.D. (2008) and LL.M (Master of Law) degrees from Emory University (USA). She also holds a LL.M degree from National Huaqiao University (China) and is a certified lawyer in China.

Dr. Chen’s current research focuses on law and economics of IT and IT-enabled services. In specific, her research interests include the following four areas: (1) legal aspects of Big Data and Analystics; (2) global data governance framework for cloud computing; (3) cybersecurity and data protection; and (4) Contract of technology development and IT service. Her research has been published in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, and Journal of Singapore Academy of Law.



  • Doctor of Philosophy (Information Systems), 2008 
    Emory University, Goizueta Business School, Atlanta, GA
  • Master of Law (LL.M.), 2007
    Emory University, Law School, Atlanta, GA
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), 2001
    SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
  • Master of Law (LL.M.), 1999
    National Huaqiao University, Quanzhou, China
  • Bachelor of Law (International Economics and Law), 1995
    Xiamen University, Xiamen, China


Professional Experience

  • National University of Singapore, School of Computing
    Assistant Professor (2008-Present)

  • Emory University, Goizueta Business School
    Research Assistant (2004-2008)
    Teaching Assistant (2005-2007)
  • The India China America (ICA) Institute
    Research Fellow (2007-Present)
  • HSBC Bank USA
    System Analyst (2001-2002)
    IT Analyst (Intern) (2000-2001)
  • China National Electronics Import & Export Corp. (Xiamen Co.)
    Legal Counsel (1995-1999)



Research Interests

  • Emerging issues in data privacy and cybersecurity
  • Business value of cloud computing
  • Data governance policy and strategies for big data and data analytics
  • Intellectual property law and emerging IT technologies
  • Contracting of IT services


Current Projects

  • Data Privacy and Security Control in Cloud Computing
  • Intellectual Property Risks Management in Technology Sourcing
  • Empirical Analysis of Legal and Illegal Sampling of Digital Goods
  • Data Governance 
  • Data Privacy and Security Issues of Smart City


Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Chen, Y., Bharadwaj, A., and Goh, K.Y. (2016) "An Empirical Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights Sharing in Software Development Outsourcing," MIS Quarterly (forthcoming).
  • Mathew, S.K. and Chen, Y. (2013) "Achieving Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Success: An Empirical Analysis of Risk Mitigation through Relational Norms," Journal of Strategic Information Systems 22, pp.298-314.
  • Leong, S. H. S., and Chen, Y. (2010) "The Rights of Communication in Singapore," Singapore Academy of Law Journal 22, pp.602-631.
  • Chen, Y., and Bharadwaj, A. (2009) "Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of IT Outsourcing Contract Structures," Information Systems Research 20(4), pp.484-506.

Selected Conference Proceedings

  • Chen, Y. and Huang Y., "An Empirical Analysis of Software‑as‑a‑Service Development Mode and Its Impacts on Firm Performance," in Proceedings of the International Conferences of Information Systems, Auckland , New Zealand, December 14-17, 2014.
  • Chen, Y. and Zhan, J., “The Impact of Software-as-a-Service on On-Premise Software Performance: A Quantitative Study,” in Proceedings of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, USA, August 9-13, 2013.
  • Chen, Y. and Heng, C.S., "Contract Renegotiation and Bargaining Power: Evidence from IT‑related Outsourcing Contracts," in Proceedings of International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC), Singapore, August 7 - 8, 2012.
  • Chen, Y. and Png, I. P. L., "Contract Structure and Performance: The Role of Milestone Payments in IT Technology Development Agreements," in Proceedings of International Conference of Information Systems, Shanghai, China, December 4 -7, 2011.
  • Clemons, E. K. and Chen, Y., “Making the Decision to Contract for Cloud Services: Managing the Risk of an Extreme Form of IT Outsourcing,” in Proceedings of Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Kauai, Hawaii, January 4-7, 2011.
  • Chen, Y. and Bharadwaj, A., "Empirical Analysis of Intellectual Property Risks in Software Outsourcing," in Proceedings of International Conference of Information Systems, Phoenix, Arizona, December 15-18, 2009.
  • Chen, Y. and Bharadwaj, A., "Coordination and Control in IT outsourcing Contracts," in Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Atlanta, Georgia, August 4-7, 2007.
  • Chen, Y. and Bharadwaj, A., "Ambidexterity in Contract Design: An Empirical Analysis of Term Specificity and Flexibility in IT Outsourcing Contracts," in Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Philadelphia, United States, August 4 ‑ 6, 2006.
  • Chen, Y., “Information Technology Outsourcing Contracts: An Empirical Analysis on Contract Structure and Performance Implications,” in Proceedings of American Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Omaha, Nebraska, August 11-14, 2005. 

Book Chapters

  • Chen, Y. and S. Sharma. “Off-shore Outsourcing to India and China,” in IT Outsourcing: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications, edited by Kirk St. Amant, IGI Global (June 2009).
  • Chen, Y. and S. Sharma. “New Trends in Off-shore Outsourcing to India and China,” in Outsourcing and Offshoring of Professional Services: Business Optimization in a Global Economy, edited by Amar Gupta, IGI Global (Spring 2008). 

Papers under Journal Review

  • Chen, Y., and Xiao, P., "The Effects of Reminders on Mobile Data Consumption: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China," under review at Management Science.
  • Chen, Y., Matthew, S., and Lehner, F., “Impact of Cloud Computing on Business Models and Strategies: A Multi-Site Case Study,” under review at European Journal of Information Systems.
  • Chen, Y., "Intellectual Property Rights Sharing or Monetary Incentive? An Empirical Analysis of Contract Design of Technology Development Outsourcing Contracts," under review at Strategic Management Journal.
  • Chen, Y., and Kim, T., "Security Software in the Unsecured World: A Multi-Case Study of Security Software Development in 2008-2014," under review at Communications of the ACM.
  • Chen, Y. “Is Singapore Personal Data Protection Act Good Enough to Protect Patient Privacy in the Age of Big Data? Some Thoughts about the Health Data Privacy in Singapore,” under review at International Journal of Law and Information Technology.
  • Leong, S. H. S., and Chen, Y., "Online Digital Goods Access Model and Copyright Exhaustion in Singapore," under review at Singapore Journal of Legal Studies.
  • Chen, Y. “Data Protection in Cloud Computing: A Comparison of the US, European and Singapore Approaches,” under review at International Journal of Law and Information Technology.


  • Chen, Y., “Issues of Information Security and Data Privacy in Electronic Health Data Records: A Field Study of Singapore e-Health Systems”
  • Chen, Y., “An Empirical Study of the Impacts of Data Protection Legislation on Mobile Apps’ Design”
  • Chen, Y., “The Challenges of Cloud Data Security Protection: A Study of Global Data Security Regulations”
  • Chen, Y., and Huang, Y. X., “Is There a Short-Cut for Moving to the Cloud? An Empirical Analysis of SaaS Development Mode”
  • Chen, Y., and Huang, Y. X., “An Event Study of the Stock Market Reaction for the Software-as-a-Service Launch”
  • Chen, Y., Bharadwaj, A., and Bharadwaj, S., “An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between Firm Capabilities and SaaS Development Strategies”
  • Chen, Y., “Moving to the Cloud: Managing the Risks and Legal Challenges through Cloud Contract Negotiation”
  • Liu, B. W. and Chen, Y., “The Impacts of Moving-to-the-Cloud on Software Innovation”
  • Chen, Y. and Heng, C. S., “Contract Renegotiation and Bargaining Power: Evidence from IT-related Outsourcing Agreements”
  • Chen, Y. and Bharadwaj, A., “Can Intellectual Property Rights Allocation Create Incentive for Software Innovation: An Empirical Analysis of Software Development Outsourcing”
  • Chen, Y. and Zhan, J., “An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Industry Capabilities and Forward Information Technology Spill-over”


  • IS3240 - Economics of E-Business
  • IS4233 - Legal Aspects of Information Technologies
  • IL5202 - IT Governance and Risk Management (NUS Institute of Systems Science) forthcoming in 2017
  • NICF - Legal and Regulatory Considerations in IT Environment (NUS Strategic Technology Management Institute)


Professional Activities

  • Singapore National Cybersecurity R&D Programme, Academic Expertise 2015
  • Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA): Focus Group for Aligning MTCS SS584 to ISO 27018, Member (2015)
  • Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC): Working Group on Accreditation Scheme for Multi-Tiered Cloud Computing Security Certification (MTCS), Member (2014)
  • Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), Technical Expert (January 30, 2015 – March 31, 2017)
  • Future Direction in Data Governance Forum, Invited Panel Discussant (2012)
  • Global Privacy Policy Summit, Microsoft, Invited Panel Discussant (2012)
  • Workshop of Asian-Pacific Privacy, Microsoft, Invited Panel Discussant (2012)
  • Cloud Computing Asia Conference, Invited Panel Discussant (2011 & 2012)
  • The India China America (ICA) Institute, Research Fellow (2007-Present)