19 March 2015 – A team of four NUS Computing students won first place at the DBS Talent Conference Hackathon 2015 that was held at DBS Asia Hub in Changi Business Park, at the end of February.

The event allowed developers from academic institutions, start-ups and the industry to collaborate with innovators within the DBS group to build useful mobile solution apps that address real business needs.

Wang Gaoxiang (CS, Final Year), Truong Viet Trung (CS, Year 3), Wang Boyang (CS, Final Year) and Gu Junchao (CEG, Year 3) were partnered with DBS Vice Presidents Voon Ee Huei and Tri Arini Melati and staff Vishram (from DBS India) and Ruddyanto Gunawan (from DBS Indonesia). They beat the 12 other participating teams with their ‘uber for household services’ application and won $8000 and the opportunity to further develop and potentially launch their application with DBS.

In describing their work, Gaoxiang said, “The team of DBS staff, Voon, Mela, Ruddy and Vishram helped us a long way. They were passionate, sharp and cooperative. They actually came up with the idea during the first day of hackathon. We were all excited about the idea and went ahead to implement the prototype. It is a platform where customers of household services can easily find the service providers around them. It is location-based and has a review system in place to facilitate the match-making. The most exciting part probably is that the payment is done through DBS Xpress account that can be created within the application. This way, not only is the payment process hassle-free and straight-forward, but also both parties are guaranteed that the payment will be processed quickly and only upon satisfactory delivery of services.”

“The fact that we were competing against industry practitioners who had years of experiences in terms of developing and prototyping was intimidating. Also, it was quite interesting to let developers work together with DBS staff from the business side. They really created synergy,” he added. He believed that their app made an impact because it proposed a solution to a ‘pain-point that many people can relate to’ and that they leveraged each of their unique skill sets to produce a great product within the short allocated time.

When asked about the moment they learnt they had won, Gaoxiang said, “It was absolutely mind-blowing. We all jumped up shouting and cheering with each other. It was the sweetest moment for all of us.”