21 April 2015 – A team of four NUS alumni beat 37 other teams at BattleHack Singapore with Jarvis, a medication supply management app that they developed during the 24-hour hackathon in late March.

Team members Mohit Kanwal, Amulya Khare and Rajul Gupta are School of Computing graduates (Mohit and Amulya in Computer Science, and Rajul in Information Systems) who completed their degrees in 2013. Arvin Sabu Joseph completed his double degree in Economics and Mechanical Engineering in 2014.

The first place winners received axes for their efforts, as well as flights and accommodation to participate in the BattleHack World Finals in Silicon Valley in November. They will represent Singapore and compete against other champions from 13 cities worldwide for the US$100,000 grand prize.

The competitors were challenged develop hacks to solve current social issues. Inspired by their personal grievances with the efficiency of organising and sourcing ingredients to cook for themselves during a busy work week, Team Jarvis decided to tackle the issue of efficient medication supply, especially for the elderly, whose medication regimes can be complex. ‘Jarvis’ is a system of a physical medicine container (or jar) with load sensors and Bluetooth capabilities, working in conjunction with a mobile app. The ‘smart’ container connects to the internet, via its Bluetooth pairing with a smartphone, relaying information about its contents to a server which has an extensive medication database. The container’s sensors detect the weight of its contents and based on this information, the system can calculate the amount of medicine still available to the patient. If the weight falls below a stipulated threshold, the app receives a signal to alert the user to replenish the medicine supply. Through the app, the user also has the option of buying the medicines online and having them delivered directly to the patient. A system like this could provide some relief to the caretakers of Singapore’s growing aging population. According to Team Jarvis, the judges of the competition felt that they had addressed a key issue for Singaporeans and society at large – i.e. caring for loved ones.

Rajul and Arvin currently work at Citibank Singapore. Amulya is an Android engineering at Garena, and Mohit works at Pie, a Singapore software start-up providing a messaging solution for working professionals.


Media coverage:

e27.co, 1 April 2015