9 July 2015 – Early last month, third year IS student Jacob Tan Jia Wen became one of only three people worldwide to win the SAP Fiori UX Design and Build Challenge 2015.

The challenge was part of openSAP’s ‘Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud’ MOOC (Massive Online Open Course), which ran for nine weeks from 25 March. It attracted 20,000 enrolments, with 1,500 participants submitting Fiori prototypes by the end of the course. Jacob was interning at Blue Oceans Systems at the time and he and his colleagues signed up for the course and, together with managers Arun C Devan and Harald Battran, worked through their individual ideas together, making them better.

Jacob’s winning app was ‘EMR-DRounds (Electronic Medical Record - Doctor Rounds)’, an application for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and even patients to enter and review patients’ records. His idea was inspired by a problem scenario that most hospitals experience during change management that Dr Yang Zhenbin, his IS4203 Change Management module lecturer, presented to his group. It occurred to Jacob that SAP Fiori’s UX focussed principles could be used to build a solution to facilitate operations as hospitals transited from paper-based Inpatient Medical Reports (IMR) to Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Jacob said, “Usually we're taught that we'd require an IDE (integrated development environment) installed in our computer to begin development work. In this course, development work can be done in a browser (no installation needed), and that's the next evolution of development. The platform provides a streamlined and easy-to-use approach to develop an application so everyone who is interested and keen to implement [their] ideas [can do it], not only developers.” This was Jacob’s first win in a global challenge and he was ‘extremely happy’ about it.


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