17 October 2017 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media

Computer Science alumnus Kenneth Ham co-founded Treatsure, Singapore's first reservation platform for surplus food. The app shares discounts on surplus food by various F&B outlets, reducing the amount of food waste.

Vulcan Post, 17 October 2017

15 October 2017 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

Provost's Chair Professor Ng Hwee Tou explains how chatbots operate on finding fixed keywords from a user's sentences and sends out answers based on these keywords. This hinders communication between chatbots and their users due to the limitation of chatbots to detect the nuances in human languages, and may leave users feeling disappointed with the communication.

Channel 8 News, 15 October 2017

08 October 2017 Department of Information Systems & Analytics Faculty News Media

Zilliqa, a new sharding blockchain platform developed by researchers at NUS School of Computing, is set to surpass VISA and MasterCard with regard to the number of transactions-per-second. The set-up is also intended to have far lower transaction fees.

International Business Times, 12 October 2017

Digital Journal, 9 October 2017

Blockchain News, 8 October 2017