02 July 2017 Department of Computer Science Department of Information Systems & Analytics Faculty Student News Media

Singapore has become a prime destination for many of the world’s biggest technology companies to set up their offices. Professor Sanjay Jain attributed the growing popularity of Computing among students to the job prospects available. He added that the starting salaries of Computing graduates are comparable to students from Law and Medicine. A team of NUS Computing students created an app, Track Pack, which uses NFC technology to track the location of household items. The students shared how Computing is growing in popularity, and that the prospects in Computing are becoming better than traditionally popular courses like Medicine, Business and Law. The number of undergraduate intake increased by 16%, and the school plans to increase the intake of Masters students by 30%.

TVB Finance Magazine, 2 July 2017

11 June 2017 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

In light of recent terror attacks, experts worry that terrorism groups may stage cyber-attacks in the future. Associate Professor Chang Ee-Chien noted that cyber-attacks do not only affect computer software, but can also indirectly impact other systems, such as train operations, and critical infrastructure like water and electricity. He added that if such systems are compromised, it could result in considerable damage.

Channel 8 News, 11 June 2017

27 May 2017 Department of Computer Science Faculty News Media

From January this year, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Singapore has begun collecting iris images from Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents as another identifier. Associate Professor Terence Sim shared that the irises of each person is unique, hard to impersonate, and have more complex imaging. He also suggested using infrared vein recognition technology applied to faces and palms to enhance security.

Channel 8 News, 27 May 2017