28 May 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty Alum News Media

Zilliqa, a public blockchain is designing to bring the theory of sharding into action. This is the first blockchain technology that allows linear scaling with the growth of the blockchain. It is a startup founded by NUS Computing's faculty and research team.

AMB Crypto, 29 May 2018

NUS News, 28 May 2018

Tech News Leader, 28 May 2018

25 May 2018 Department of Computer Science Faculty Alum News Media

Singapore is the home to a number of promising and well-funded blockchain startups and could become a leader for blockchain disruption. One key factor is Singapore's strong academic environment that embraces technology and offers courses and workshops in blockchain. NUS announced earlier that it is partnering with IBM to develop a curriculum around blockchain and distributed ledger technology. NUS is also where blockchain startup Zilliqa, a hyper-efficient, scalable blockchain, originated. Zilliqa CEO and co-founder Dong Xinshu, a former NUS researcher, says his company's scholarly background is what sets the startup apart. 

Forbes, 25 May 2018

16 May 2018 Department of Computer Science News Media

Singapore's AI startup company ViSenze, which boast a clientele of more than 500 companies, including Rakuten, UNIQLO and ASOS, is known for their image analysis services, and have indexed more than 100 million product images thus far. Co-founder of the startup, Dr. Li GuangDa, shares about the NUS-Tsinghua Extreme Search Center (NExT), birthplace of ViSenze, and the startup scene in NUS.

EDB Singapore, 16 May 2018