13 December 2017 Department of Computer Science News Media

FitSense’s data aggregation technology was first developed at the NUS School of Computing by a team including research engineer Alvaro Gauterin. Alvaro developed a data aggregation platform that was able to accurately capture data from wearable devices, with the purpose of using this to understand how exercise impacts health outcomes.

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09 December 2017 Department of Computer Science Alum News Media

Zilliqa is a new blockchain platform designed to scale in an open, permission-less distributed network securely with record-breaking transaction times. CEO Dong Xinshu and Blockchain Architect Jia Yaoqi are former PhD students in NUS School of Computing.

Chip In, 9 December 2017

06 December 2017 Department of Computer Science Faculty Student News Media

As more people shoot pictures and videos from consumer drones, researchers in Singapore have found a way round the frustrating task of framing and taking photos while manually piloting the craft. The researchers from the National University of Singapore say their prototype, based on a Parrot Bebop quadcopter, relies mainly on a single monocular camera and works reliably even when there is no GPS signal.

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