The objective of GIP is to enable graduate students to apply their newly acquired computing knowledge at organisations. Graduates are more adept in problem solving at workplace. The programme is an opportunity for organisations to tap into the talent that is being groomed in our School. Organisations can also offer long term placement to suitable or outstanding graduates after the internship.


Target Group

Master of Computing Students (Full Time). Student placement would begin at the end of Semester 2 of each academic year frm May to July.



  • Must be full-time students under the Master of Computing (or PhD) program.
  • CAP must be at least 3.5 for Masters Students.
  • All nationalities are welcome to apply



Organisations are required to pay an allowance to each student participating in the internship programme. The allowance to be paid is determined by the organisations. The School recommends a minimum allowance of S$1000 per student per month (CPF exempted) as only students who meet stringent requirements are allowed to participate in GIP. This allowance will be revealed to the students. Students will follow the working hours of the organisation in which they are attached.


How do I participate in the Graduate Internship Programme (GIP)

Please download the registration form and submit it via email to Ms Aminah (comap(at)


Internship Calender

The following calender serves as a guide for organisation planning to participate in our GIP.

Invitation of project proposal March
Listing of projects/companies for students to choose April
Interview by Organisations Mid April
Outcome Announced to students First week of May



  • Successful candidates are required to be attached to the organisation from May to July.
  • During the internship, the student will work on a small project that could be specified by the company.
  • Students are expected to maintain good progress toward their degree while on the internship.
  • At the end of the internship, the student will be required to submit to the organisation and SoC a report for the work done on the project.


Medical Leave

Supervisors from a participating organisation will be informed by the students being hosted if they are sick or need to consult a doctor. A medical certificate will be submitted to the supervisors for medical leave. Supervisors' prior knowledge is needed if students wish to take leave of absence.


Vacation Leave

Organisations may grant paid vacation leave to the students at their own discretion.


Reservist (In-camp training)

Organisations should allow students to go for their in-camp training.


School Matters

Organisations should release students if they request to attend to school matters such as registration of modules, etc. Organisations may verify the request with the School's GIP coordinator.


Work Permit

Organisations need not apply work permit for students as industrial attachment is not considered a form of employment.



Organisations should provide an offer letter to students on overseas attachment to apply for a visa.



Please contact: Graduate Office
Ms Aminah Binte Pardi
Tel: 6516 7966
email: comap (at)