Candidates who are holders of GCE 'A' Levels, International Baccalaureate or equivalent qualifications may be granted advanced placement and exemption of up to 20 modular credits for Programme requirements based on performance in placement tests set by the relevant host Faculty. Placement examination/test should be taken at the point of admission to the University.

Candidates who are eligible can apply to sit for a placement examination for CS1010/CS1010E Programming Methodology. Those who pass the examination (as determined by the examiners) will be deemed to have meet the learning outcome of CS1010 or its equivalent; they will receive 4 MCs and be exempted from taking CS1010.

Candidates will know the result of their placement examination, and hence the decision for being exempted from CS1010 or its equivalents, when they log into the CORS system for module registration (which will happen after they have matriculated as NUS students).

To help prepare candidates for the Placement Tests, a self-diagnostic assessment has been created to mock up the experience of the actual Placement Tests for CS1010.  You may wish to take the assessment before deciding to take the Computing Placement Tests.


All candidates who are to be admitted in Semester 1, academic year 2018-2019 starting 6 August 2018 for a course in either Computer Science or Information Systems or Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) or Business Analytics or Information Security course in the School of Computing. Candidate must have passed Computing at GCE 'A' level or its equivalent with at least a grade B or has prior C programming experience. Freshmen from the Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of Science with such background and require CS1010E as their core may also apply to sit for this test. NUS High School diploma holders admitted to the School of Computing and have obtained at least a B grade in CS3203 Basic Procedural Programming may apply to sit for this test. This test is based on C programming.


Please bring along the following for the CS1010/E placement examination:
(i) your student card, if any, or other supporting documents
(ii) your identity card, and
(iii) a 2B pencil


Wednesday, 18 July 2018 (2 to 4 pm)


Lecture Theatre 16
School of Business
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260


For format and scope of this placement examination, please click here. The test will start at 2.00 pm on 18 July 2018 at the Lecture Theatre 16 (near School of Business).



A non-refundable administrative fee of S$50 will be charged for application to sit for this placement test. Please prepare a cheque of S$50 made payable to the 'National University of Singapore'. Please ensure that the cheque can be cleared by a bank located in Singapore. Please also write your personal particulars (name, address and application number) on the back of the cheque.

The cheque, together with the duly completed application form, should be submitted to:

Miss Ang Jia Ying
School of Computing Office of Undergraduate Studies
National University of Singapore
Computing 1 Level 2 Room 19
13 Computing Drive
Singapore 117417
Fax : (65) 779-4580

no later than Friday, 29 June 2018 5.00 pm.