The workshop is designed to provide participants a refresher on programming and problem-solving skills covered in the first programming course (CS1010 or its equivalent). It is targeted at incoming students with polytechnic diploma who have been given exemption from taking CS1010 or its equivalent.

At the end of this refresher workshop, participants will have better appreciation of the programming skills taught in CS1010. They will also gain experience in using some of the main problem-solving skills covered in CS1010.



Registration is open from 23th Feb till 8th Jun 2018. Please click here to register.


Workshop Contents

This problem-based refresher workshop will guide participants through several problem-solving exercises which are commonly covered in CS1010 (or its equivalent). Programming skills covered include : array manipulation, iterations, recursion, sorting and searching. Corresponding problem-solving skills covered include: manipulation of both collections of homogeneous data and numerical data through repetitive process and divide-and-conquer method.

Each day, the workshop will begin with a lecture on the relevant topics. A series of problems will be given out during lecture. Participants will then be tasked to solve these problems. Tutors will be around to help facilitate problem solving. The day will end with the revision of the skills learned.



The workshop will be held over three days : 10th, 11th & 13th July (Tues, Wed & Fri from 9am - 5pm daily).

Day 1 Familiarizing with your IDE and coding
Recapitulating on elementary program structures
Familiarizing with selective and iterative structures
Solving a series of simple programming exercises
Day 2 Familiarizing with programming using the array data structure
Solving a series of problems related to array manipulation
Day 3 Familiarizing with recursive programming
Solving a series of problems related to numeric computation


What Do I Need to Bring?

Participants are encouraged to bring along their laptops and develop programs in their familiar IDE. If they are not certain, we recommend using Eclipse or Visual Studio. They can also use the computing systems provided by the school to develop their programs. Participants are expected to code their programs using either Java, C, or C++.


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