(for Diplomas in Infocomm Security from Polytechnics and Bachelor of Computing from School of Computing, National University of Singapore)


The Information Security Preparatory Programme is open to students pursuing a Diploma in Information Security related studies at local Polytechnics and who meet the admission requirements of this preparatory programme.

This programme aims at nurturing talented students with firm computing foundations and competent IT skills so as to contribute to the development and management of infocomm security.

Polytechnic students nominated by the polytechnics for the programme and meet the criteria for progression will gain admission into the School of Computing at NUS to pursue Bachelor of Computing in Information Security degree [BComp (InfoSec)].

The students will be conferred an infocomm security diploma upon graduating from their polytechnics.

They will be conferred a BComp (InfoSec) degree upon graduating from NUS.


Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted to the preparatory programme at the end of their first year in polytechnic study. The admission criteria are as follows:

  • A student has attained an aggregate point of not more than 10 in his GCE 'O' level, scoring at least A2 grade for both his Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics subjects.
  • A student must enrol in an infocomm security diploma and must have attained a GPA of at least 3.7 for the first year of his study in polytechnic.


Programme Requirements

Students in this programme are required to take the following two essential modules in BComp during the respective 2nd and 3rd years of their studies in polytechnics:

  • MA1301 Introductory Mathematics (4MCs)
  • CS1020 Data Structures and Algorithms I (4MCs)

  • [Replaced by CS2040C Data Structures and Algorithms (4MCs) wef AY2017/2018]

They will attend the lessons in NUS from August to December.

After completing diploma study and upon matriculating with NUS, students will receive advance credits for these two modules.


Progression Criteria

Students must satisfy the following requirements in order to remain in the preparatory programme :

i) During their study in polytechnics, they must :

  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.7 during their study;
  • Complete MA1301 (Introductory Mathematics) with a grade of B+ or above during their second year.
  • Complete CS1102 / CS1020 / CS2040C with a grade of B+ or above during their third year.

ii) During their study in NUS, they must :

  • Maintain a CAP of 4.0 during their study;
  • Complete requirements of BComp (InfoSec).



    The fee payable by students in this preparatory programme will follow the guidelines on tuition fees from the polytechnics and NUS.

    In addition, students are required to pay the individual module fees for MA1301 and CS2040C, as these are taken when the students are not officially NUS students. These module fees are based on the fees charged by NUS for offering NUS modules to "non-graduating" students, and they shall be borne by the students.

    Please contact the administrator from your respective polytechnics for more information.