A new visits is defined as each new incoming visitor (viewing or browsing a page) who was not connected to your site during last 60 mn.
Number of client hosts (IP address) who came to visit the site (and who viewed at least one page).
This data refers to the number of different physical persons who had reached the site.
Number of times a page of the site is viewed (Sum for all visitors for all visits).
This piece of data differs from "hits" in that it counts only HTML pages as oppose to images and other files.
Number of times a page, image, file of the site is viewed or downloaded by someone.
This piece of data is provided as a reference only, since the number of "pages" viewed is often prefered for marketing purposes.
This piece of information refers to the amount of data downloaded by all pages, images and files within your site.
Units are in KB, MB or GB (KiloBytes, MegaBytes or GigaBytes)
Awstats recognizes each access to your site after a search from the 90 most popular Internet Search Engines and Directories (such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, Voila, etc...).
List of all external pages which were used to link (and enter) to your site (Only the 20 most often used external pages are shown). Links used by the results of the search engines are excluded here because they have already been included on the previous line within this table.
This table shows the list of the most frequent keyphrases or keywords used to find your site from Internet Search Engines and Directories. (Keywords from the 90 most popular Search Engines and Directories are recognized by Awstats, such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, Voila, etc...).
Note that total number of searches for keywords might be greater than total number of searches for keyphrases (real number of searches) because when 2 keywords were used on same search, search is counted twice for keywords (once for each word).
Robots (sometimes refer to Spiders) are automatic computer visitors used by many search engines that scan your web site to index it and rank it, collect statistics on Internet Web sites and/or see if your site is still online.
Awstats is able to recognize up to 307 robots.
All time related statistics are based on server time.
Here, reported data are: average values (calculated from all data between the first and last visit)
Here, reported data are: cumulative sums (calculated from all data between the first and last visit)
Some Visits durations are 'unknown' because they can't always be calculated. This is the major reason for this:
- Visit was not finished when 'update' occured.
- Visit started the last hour (after 23:00) of the last day of a month (A technical reason prevents Awstats from calculating duration of such sessions)
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Tried to reach an URL where a login/password pair was required.
A high number within this item could mean that someone (such as a hacker) is attempting to crack, or enter into your site (hoping to enter a secured area by trying different login/password pairs, for instance).
Tried to reach an URL not configured to be reachable, even with an login/password pair (for example, an URL within a directory not defined as "browsable".).
Tried to reach a non existing URL. This error often means that there is an invalid link somewhere in your site or that a visitor mistyped a certain URL.
Server has taken too much time to respond to a request. This error frequently involves either a slow CGI script which the server was required to kill or an extremely congested web server.
Internal error. This error is often caused by a CGI program that had finished abnormally (coredump for example).
Unknown requested action.
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Keyphrases used on search engines  
7419 different keyphrasesSearchPercent
when companies fully adapt their advertising messages to local markets they follow a strategy of7706 %
telephone sales people often take advantage of3462.6 %
visualgo.com1291 %
perang badar1260.9 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pptlabs/download-78563/powerpointlabsinstaller.zip1230.9 %
managerial economics pdf740.5 %
features of ms word700.5 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pptlabs/download.html620.4 %
dis550.4 %
pricing policy530.4 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~ooibc/mem-survey-tkde.pdf450.3 %
sejarah perang badar400.3 %
pricing policies340.2 %
managerial economics330.2 %
reasearch in nus330.2 %
nus information systems320.2 %
kisah perang badar310.2 %
visualgo290.2 %
mpe computing nus280.2 %
computer teaching jobs in singapore280.2 %
managerial economics notes250.1 %
neck shaft angle250.1 %
mpe soc230.1 %
robin sharma pdf220.1 %
features of microsoft word210.1 %
introduction to managerial economics210.1 %
shift registers ppt190.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~damithch/pages/mswordtips.htm190.1 %
what is managerial economics190.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~lingtw/papers/tods76.chen.pdf180.1 %
https //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~joxan/papers/incremental.pdf170.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/graduates/application.html170.1 %
shivakumara palaiahnakote160.1 %
pengertian perang badar150.1 %
nus soc150.1 %
funny school cartoons140.1 %
funny school pics140.1 %
manejrail economic pdf140.1 %
define simulation130.1 %
elasticity pdf130.1 %
funny school120 %
pam 2013 acceptance rate120 %
nus mpe120 %
robin sharma books free download pdf120 %
elasticity of demand pdf120 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~damithch/pages/se-quotes.htm120 %
vliw architecture ppt120 %
robin sharma books pdf120 %
robin sharma books free download110 %
managerial economic110 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~siti/personal/pergas/perangbadar.htm110 %
http //sceconnect/110 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~u0909118/200_success.pdf100 %
halting problem proof100 %
influence the psychology of persuasion100 %
dijkstra s algorithm ppt100 %
price policy100 %
ms word features100 %
secret of success pdf100 %
cerita perang badar90 %
competitive programming90 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs3283/ftp/java/swingconnect/what_is_swing/getting_started_3/getting_started_3.html90 %
persuasion pdf90 %
bar90 %
soc nus90 %
medical computing nus90 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/visualization/index.html90 %
difference between human and computer90 %
classification of simulation models90 %
pinhole camera model90 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/visualization/index.html90 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~ipng/mecon/sg/01int_sg.pdf90 %
funny comics about school90 %
service oriented architecture pdf90 %
definition of mangeral economics90 %
notes on managerial economics80 %
computer engineering quotes80 %
definition of simulation80 %
download pat80 %
distributed computing with mapreduce and pig pdf80 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/visualization/80 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~ooibc/icde15.pdf80 %
managerial economic notes80 %
android tutorial pdf70 %
infographics70 %
bypass brute force detection70 %
difference between testing and debugging70 %
dasfaa70 %
ssl70 %
tamc 201570 %
market segmentation pdf70 %
kang kang70 %
which of the following is the lowest level on which marketers can position their brands in target customers minds?70 %
content70 %
workload balancing in mapreduce70 %
topnav70 %
microsoft word features70 %
buaya vs ikan hiu70 %
perang badar kubra70 %
nus soc mpe70 %
lake of competition due to higher prices70 %
https //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~tancl/publications/j1999-2000/neuro-yao.pdf70 %
influence the psychology of persuasion pdf70 %
homepage70 %
the first part of the companyの意味70 %
best teacher i ever had60 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/cs2103%20student%20feedback%202013%20aug.pdf60 %
sentosa60 %
explain pricing policy60 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l1p1%5d%20software%20engineering%20rocks.pdf60 %
apn1037160 %
logic in computer science modelling and reasoning about systems solutions60 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/undergraduates/cs_cs_focus.html60 %
testing and debugging60 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~kartiks/nusdtn/tutorials/android_tutorial1.pdf60 %
difference between computer and human being60 %
a five variable karnaugh map60 %
association rules visualization60 %
influence robert cialdini pdf60 %
software engineering quotes60 %
pdf robin sharma60 %
features of ms word 200360 %
simulation of single server queue60 %
which of these is a way that businesses can extend the life cycle of an establish product60 %
influence the psychology of persuasion by robert b. cialdini60 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs1104/lect/cs1104-5.pdf60 %
history of java ppt60 %
influence pdf60 %
mpe60 %
classification of models in simulation60 %
funny pictures about school60 %
cs421860 %
what is pricing policy60 %
queues and trees in data structures pdf60 %
asm chart60 %
economic capital encourage efficiency discuss60 %
image binarization60 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/undergraduates/useful_course_schedule.html50 %
class diagram for windowing system50 %
android development tutorial pdf50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l6p1%5d%20%20advanced%20oo%20concepts.pdf50 %
inspirational books pdf50 %
digital photography with flash and no-flash image pairs50 %
shape based retrival - matching algorithm50 %
what are the factors in the natural environment worth considering in marketing50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~acmicpc50 %
managerial economy50 %
counter ppt50 %
creating a swing applet50 %
sequential circuits ppt50 %
creating a swing applet in java50 %
kangkang50 %
counters ppt50 %
how to find 8s complement of a number50 %
android basics pdf50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/an%20introduction%20to%20visual%20studio%202012.pdf50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/visualization/dfsbfs.html50 %
4 bits counter .ppt50 %
why human being need a computer50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs4243/conversion.html50 %
feer50 %
sensitive label privacy protection on social network data50 %
z to a approach50 %
your company wants to move away from mass marketing and engage in customer-driven marketing. the four steps to take in order are market segmentation marketing positioning differentiation and targeting.50 %
difference between debugging and testing50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~hugh/teachingstuff/cs1101c.pdf50 %
scrambler and descrambler pdf50 %
distributed data management using mapreduce50 %
flip flop ppt50 %
competitive programming 3 pdf50 %
send more = money ppt50 %
prateek saxena50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~tayyc/cbrp/50 %
why societal marketing concept is ideal today than in the past50 %
classification of simulation tools50 %
kok-lim low icp50 %
briefly describe the phases in product design and development50 %
itinerary planning pdf50 %
kura bed50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l2p1%5d%20%20good%20code %20bad%20code%20-%20toward%20production%20quality%20code.pdf50 %
mat online hack gold 2013-2014 .net .exe50 %
how many page fault occur for optimal page replacement algorithms with following reference string for four page frame 1 2 3 4 53 4 1 6 7 8 7 8 9 7 8 9 5 4 5 4 2 by sheiry khan50 %
computer engineer quotes50 %
managerial economics introduction50 %
funny school pictures50 %
448-27550 %
funny school images50 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/cs/recruitment_faculty.html50 %
notes for managerial economics50 %
human being vs computer50 %
school funny50 %
creating a swing applet and application50 %
implementation of algorithm50 %
soc mpe50 %
mean shift tracking50 %
halting problem40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/visualization/segmenttree.html40 %
diploma engineering program methodology textbook40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l1p2%5d%20%20prime%20your%20primary%20weapon%20-%20introducing%20ides.pdf40 %
pdf of managerial economics40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/1314sem2-cs2103-t.pdf40 %
decomposing polygon meshes for interactive applications40 %
dimension of direct marketing for d sales of smartphone40 %
basic concepts digital communications40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs1104/oldlect/cs1104-11.ppt40 %
present real conditional sentences about mining40 %
bathroom doors40 %
a vertical marketing system vms consists of one or more independent producers wholesalers and retailers40 %
2do intelligent task manager40 %
android programming tutorial pdf40 %
ahy algorithm40 %
six basic principles of managerial economics40 %
presentation of project40 %
sorting40 %
memory dump40 %
sample table of data manipulation language40 %
notion of algorithm ppt40 %
a ________ is an individual acting on behalf of a company who performs one or more of the following activities prospecting communicating servicing and information gathering.40 %
introduction of managerial economics40 %
soc webmail40 %
economic efficiency pdf40 %
principles of marketing matching questions doc40 %
software developer quotes40 %
attribute-augmented semantic hierarchy40 %
matching problems & examples in discrete maths40 %
kleisli query system40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l6p1%5d%20advanced%20oo%20concepts.pdf40 %
locationing in distributed ad-hoc wireless sensor networks40 %
managerial economics notes for mba students40 %
what determines/controls the choice of radix in relation to number system40 %
welcome speech for alumni meet40 %
mobile gpu power management40 %
text search algorithms40 %
nus cs very hard40 %
asm chart example40 %
kisah perang badar lengkap40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l3p1%5d%20%20problem%20before%20solution%20-%20figuring%20out%20requirements.pdf40 %
pledge as a future teacher40 %
national olympiad infocomm singapore40 %
center selection problem40 %
ls-colin40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l7p2.%20the%20m%20in%20rtfm%20-%20when%20code%20is%20not%20enough.pptx40 %
market research suvey questionaire doc40 %
protein biological contextualisation40 %
cs1104 intergating circuit40 %
robin sharma 200 tips40 %
http //www-test.comp.nus.edu.sg/~bleong/publications/sensys10-gdstr3d.pdf40 %
solving algorithmic problems40 %
kwd40 %
predicate logic notes40 %
heap sort uses min heap40 %
pdf robin sharma book40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l10p1.%20one%20destination %20many%20paths%20-%20software%20process%20models.pptx40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l9p1.%20quality%20assurance%20-%20testing%20and%20beyond.pptx40 %
cs nus40 %
boy meets girl book summary40 %
mixed fruit juice40 %
array and stacks40 %
scene text recognition using co-occurrence of histogram of oriented gradients40 %
programming methodologies ppt40 %
audio based event detection for multimedia surveillance40 %
competitive programming 1 pdf40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~ipng/mecon/sg/03elas_sg.pdf40 %
asm charts40 %
software quotes40 %
person face40 %
distance based clustering of association rules40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l11p2.%20module%20wrap%20up%20and%20exam%20discusison.pptx40 %
cs523440 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs1104/oldlect/cs1104-13.ppt40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/1314sem2-cs2103-t%20comments.pdf40 %
features of msword40 %
principles of marketing matching quiz doc40 %
funny education cartoons40 %
kueh40 %
avg40 %
study plan sample40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l11p1.%20less%20work %20more%20results%20-%20reusing%20existing%20artifacts.pptx40 %
software engineer quotes40 %
how to work in sdlc40 %
analog transmission media40 %
the cmu pose illumination and expression pie database40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l8p1.%20deja%20vu%20-%20using%20patterns%20to%20solve%20recurring%20problems.pptx40 %
programming and methodology 1 pdf40 %
gui programming in java pdf40 %
problem formulation40 %
nim game of 7 sticks in ai pdf40 %
elasticity chapter notes40 %
counters and registers40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l9p2.%20heuristics%20for%20better%20test%20case%20design.pptx40 %
simulation definition40 %
adt bundle tutorial pdf40 %
question answer- ing passage retrieval using dependency relations40 %
5 variable k map groupung40 %
tutorial on minimization of dfa40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~damithch/guide3e/40 %
mix fruit juice40 %
ng how yue40 %
max flow min cut theorem ppt40 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/visualization/heap.html40 %
feature of ms word40 %
java gui tutorial pdf40 %
elasticity in economics pdf40 %
nus business analytics40 %
survey review indoor positioning40 %
nus computer science40 %
448-040 %
the decision making unit of a buying organization is called30 %
resepi kueh mueh30 %
uml syntax semantics30 %
how to convert value like 0 and decimal number100 1111 1011 0010 2 to octal number30 %
set top box ppt30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l1p1.%20software%20engineering%20rocks.pptx30 %
www.comp30 %
the acl anthology network corpus30 %
the four common methods that companies use to decide on a promotion budget include the affordable method the percentage-of-sales method ________ and the objective-and-task method.30 %
how to write a survey paper30 %
p and np problems pdf30 %
engineering and managerial economics pdf30 %
managerial economics chapter30 %
fol prolog30 %
tcp protocol ieee30 %
robert b cialdini yes pdf30 %
perangbadar30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~bleong/geographic/related/basagni98dream.pdf30 %
nus cs30 %
any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas goods or service by an identified sponsor is?30 %
www..comp30 %
android sdk tutorial pdf downloads30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l8p2.%20gems%20of%20wisdom%20-%20software%20development%20principles.pptx30 %
pop up book pdf30 %
managerial economics notes pdf30 %
managerial economics and financial analysis pdf30 %
types of pricing policies30 %
rahul jain30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l1p3.%20stop%20butterflies%20from%20causing%20tornadoes%20-%20preventing%20regressions.pptx30 %
bellman ford algorithm30 %
funny school photos30 %
managerial economics simple notes30 %
thomas kister singapore30 %
integrated cpu-gpu power management for 3d mobile games30 %
effect of pricing strategies doc30 %
mens clothes wholesale marketing business plan30 %
elasticity pdf notes30 %
power of persuasion pdf30 %
soc module30 %
assignment problem30 %
applications of managerial economics30 %
cerita nabi perang badar30 %
explain how a company may lose sight of their marketing orientation30 %
ransac false positive geometric estimation30 %
quotes on software engineering30 %
algorithms in bioinformatics a practical introduction pdf30 %
visual algorithm30 %
life changing inspiring ebook pdf30 %
five software that belong to generic and customized30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l2p2%5d%20%20refactoring%20-%20from%20turkey%20to%20peacock%20in%20thousand%20steps.pdf30 %
compare and contrast four major segmenting strategies30 %
pricing strategy for new product objective. answer30 %
a fast direct fourier-based algorithm for subpixel registration of images30 %
in research the primary data is more important than the secondary one true or false30 %
cepstral mean variance normalization30 %
allintext ctp regulation of ctp synthase30 %
single server queue30 %
rule based classification in data mining ppt30 %
image registration30 %
pdf influence the psychology of persuasion30 %
swing tutorial pdf30 %
problem solving with algorithms and flowchart30 %
sales decline in the decline stage of the plc because of technological advances increased competition and ________.30 %
secrets of success pdf30 %
dijkstra s algorithm in ppt30 %
robin s sharma books pdf30 %
sequential logic circuits ppt30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l8p2%5d%20%20gems%20of%20wisdom%20-%20software%20development%20principles.pdf30 %
application of managerial economics30 %
marginal economics notes30 %
map of nus30 %
a mobile phone manufacturer is beginning to experience falling sales of its best-selling brand of mobile phone. show how the firm can use the marketing mix to prevent its sales from declining.30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l4p1%5d%20%20the%20view%20from%20the%20top%20-%20architecture.pdf30 %
gary tan nus30 %
the ________ is specifically focused on the future welfare of consumers.30 %
nus school of computing30 %
teorey30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l7p3.%20putting%20up%20defenses%20to%20protect%20our%20code.pptx30 %
https //www-old.comp.nus.edu.sg/~danielr/docs/hdr_daniel_racoceanu.pdf30 %
femur x ray30 %
download free pdf of book money making secret of mind power masters30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l2p3%5d%20%20your%20own%20private%20time%20machine%20-%20introduction%20to%20revision%20control.pdf30 %
3 hikmah bagi umat islam pada kemenangan perang badar30 %
smchr.com30 %
asm chart pdf30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~tantc/reunion/welcome.html30 %
example buying center in the business buying process30 %
computer science30 %
what are the two main goals of direct marketing30 %
state algorithmic machine pdf30 %
text detection canny sobel30 %
shift register ppt30 %
school cartoons30 %
differnce between vliw nd superscalr procsor30 %
inspirational book success top pdf30 %
cvwo30 %
download mastery manual by robin sharma30 %
hikmah perang badar30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs1101x/lect/testing_and_debugging.ppt30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/about/deanery.html30 %
testing vs debugging30 %
sarsop30 %
a salesperson should seek out clarify and overcome any customer objections during the sales presentation in order to ________.30 %
construction of adder cum subtractor circuit30 %
tcp reno30 %
machine word30 %
zhiguo ge date 201530 %
teachers pledge30 %
worked exampeles on algorithm ; flow charts and pseud codes30 %
national university of singapore computer science30 %
android programming for beginners pdf30 %
mastermind java30 %
robin sharma 21 day success system free download30 %
nus lecturer30 %
powerpoint labs30 %
models of managerial economics30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l8p1%5d%20deja%20vu%20-%20using%20patterns%20to%20solve%20recurring%20problems.pdf30 %
case study on managerial economics30 %
dfa minimization example30 %
dsh data sensitive hashing for high-dimensional k-nn search30 %
technique baton pdf30 %
epic architecture30 %
android app development tutorial pdf30 %
intelligent dynamic rule reasoning smart home30 %
java jframe jpanel architecture30 %
online product presentation30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/slides/l10p2.%20modeling%20your%20way%20out%20of%20complexity%20-%20other%20useful%20models.pptx30 %
how salespersons can implement their sales call30 %
competitive programming pdf30 %
ay200r circuit diagram.pdf30 %
linear least-squares optimization for point-to-plane icp surface registration30 %
managerial economics lecture notes30 %
5 variable karnaugh map minterms30 %
ññ30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l8p1%5d%20deja%20vu%20-%20using%20patterns%20to%20solve%20recurring%20problems.pdf30 %
kangkang yin30 %
cs2103t nus30 %
ppt for algorith30 %
a case for dynamic reverse-code generation to debug non-deterministic programs30 %
fundamental concept of data communication30 %
free pdf books on personal grooming30 %
pop up book techniques pdf30 %
gazetteer text mining30 %
theory of computation tutorial30 %
string processing with steve felix30 %
mpe nus30 %
solat khauf30 %
creating gui in java pdf30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~jiebo/material/mkt1003x/chapter14.doc30 %
bang nus30 %
name and describe the major decisions that companies make regarding their product mix30 %
mapreduce30 %
pooja roy30 %
contextual project on algorithm design and analysis using structured programming30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~ipng/mecon/sg/09prc_sg.pdf30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/30 %
ppt of face book30 %
important features of ms word30 %
which of the following is not a form of direct marketing?30 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/is/recruitment-ais-icis.html30 %
pdf elasticity30 %
permutation tc1 graphic30 %
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