A new visits is defined as each new incoming visitor (viewing or browsing a page) who was not connected to your site during last 60 mn.
Number of client hosts (IP address) who came to visit the site (and who viewed at least one page).
This data refers to the number of different physical persons who had reached the site.
Number of times a page of the site is viewed (Sum for all visitors for all visits).
This piece of data differs from "hits" in that it counts only HTML pages as oppose to images and other files.
Number of times a page, image, file of the site is viewed or downloaded by someone.
This piece of data is provided as a reference only, since the number of "pages" viewed is often prefered for marketing purposes.
This piece of information refers to the amount of data downloaded by all pages, images and files within your site.
Units are in KB, MB or GB (KiloBytes, MegaBytes or GigaBytes)
Awstats recognizes each access to your site after a search from the 90 most popular Internet Search Engines and Directories (such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, Voila, etc...).
List of all external pages which were used to link (and enter) to your site (Only the 20 most often used external pages are shown). Links used by the results of the search engines are excluded here because they have already been included on the previous line within this table.
This table shows the list of the most frequent keyphrases or keywords used to find your site from Internet Search Engines and Directories. (Keywords from the 90 most popular Search Engines and Directories are recognized by Awstats, such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, Voila, etc...).
Note that total number of searches for keywords might be greater than total number of searches for keyphrases (real number of searches) because when 2 keywords were used on same search, search is counted twice for keywords (once for each word).
Robots (sometimes refer to Spiders) are automatic computer visitors used by many search engines that scan your web site to index it and rank it, collect statistics on Internet Web sites and/or see if your site is still online.
Awstats is able to recognize up to 307 robots.
All time related statistics are based on server time.
Here, reported data are: average values (calculated from all data between the first and last visit)
Here, reported data are: cumulative sums (calculated from all data between the first and last visit)
Some Visits durations are 'unknown' because they can't always be calculated. This is the major reason for this:
- Visit was not finished when 'update' occured.
- Visit started the last hour (after 23:00) of the last day of a month (A technical reason prevents Awstats from calculating duration of such sessions)
No description for this error.
Request was understood by server but will be processed later.
Server has processed the request but there is no document to send.
Partial content.
Requested document was moved and is now at another address given in answer.
No description for this error.
Syntax error, server didn't understand request.
Tried to reach an URL where a login/password pair was required.
A high number within this item could mean that someone (such as a hacker) is attempting to crack, or enter into your site (hoping to enter a secured area by trying different login/password pairs, for instance).
Tried to reach an URL not configured to be reachable, even with an login/password pair (for example, an URL within a directory not defined as "browsable".).
Tried to reach a non existing URL. This error often means that there is an invalid link somewhere in your site or that a visitor mistyped a certain URL.
Server has taken too much time to respond to a request. This error frequently involves either a slow CGI script which the server was required to kill or an extremely congested web server.
Internal error. This error is often caused by a CGI program that had finished abnormally (coredump for example).
Unknown requested action.
Code returned by a HTTP server that works as a proxy or gateway when a real, targeted server doesn't answer successfully to the client's request.
Internal server error.
Gateway Time-out.
HTTP Version Not Supported.
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Reported period :Month Aug 2014
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Keyphrases used on search engines  
546 different keyphrasesSearchPercent
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pptlabs/download-78563/powerpointlabs.zip111.5 %
android development tutorial pdf60.8 %
influence the psychology of persuasion pdf60.8 %
pricing policy50.7 %
architecture of cloud computing with explanation50.7 %
influence the power of persuasion pdf50.7 %
author disambiguation40.5 %
li reflection cvpr40.5 %
21 lower kent ridge road singapore 119077 chew suk peng40.5 %
prateek saxena40.5 %
managerial economic in hindi40.5 %
grammar error correction30.4 %
joxan jaffar vijayaraghavan murali and jorge a. navas boosting concolic testing via interpolation30.4 %
managerial economics pdf30.4 %
nus school of computing30.4 %
managerial economic30.4 %
what is managerial economics30.4 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~teoym/cs6205/9900/l2/sld014.htm30.4 %
nus soc30.4 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pptlabs/download.html30.4 %
posix semaphores example30.4 %
nus cs123130.4 %
java swing tutorial pdf30.4 %
0ae01f5a-e5a2-4593-be7b-db493566d76530.4 %
what is managerial economic?30.4 %
how to make 3d pop up truck cards30.4 %
free ebooks on java gui.pdf30.4 %
humanoid robot ppt30.4 %
15 examples of obversion in logic20.2 %
what is pricing policy?20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/cs2103%20student%20feedback%202013%20aug.pdf20.2 %
how to convert binary code 84-2-120.2 %
bt3102 cors20.2 %
assignment problem20.2 %
oops in adbms20.2 %
examples of sdlc projects20.2 %
ooi beng chin20.2 %
free download-influence-psychology of persuasions20.2 %
programming methodology lecture notes20.2 %
economic efficiency pdf20.2 %
twig queries xml20.2 %
data structure applications ppt20.2 %
software engineer slogans20.2 %
nus soc module20.2 %
control steps for multiply r3 r120.2 %
secrets of success pdf20.2 %
debugging ppt20.2 %
school funny photos20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~damithch/pages/mswordtips.htm20.2 %
downie a tutorial ct in head trauma20.2 %
gemstone in dbms pdf20.2 %
top developer quotes20.2 %
robin sharma books free download20.2 %
swing in java example pdf20.2 %
mobiseq.com20.2 %
managerial economics 1st chapter of m.com20.2 %
managerial economics notes20.2 %
lpc config in htk20.2 %
dawn song binary instrumentation20.2 %
business economics and managerial ecomics are same or diffrent20.2 %
project report on osi model20.2 %
information systems nus20.2 %
influence the psychology of persuasion pdf download20.2 %
manegirial economics20.2 %
perang badar20.2 %
cs1231 index20.2 %
bt3102 prerequisites20.2 %
biological oriented data mining papers ppt pdf20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/gui%20development%20in%20eclipse.zip20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/graduates/20.2 %
jstor search managerial economics download20.2 %
www.co computer organisation performance20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha/database/art_of_programming_contest_se_for_uva.pdf20.2 %
android development tutorials 2013 pdf20.2 %
140687468720.2 %
object based data model of dbms20.2 %
computer organization in flip flop20.2 %
what is adder cum sub-tractors?20.2 %
nepali mp3 song mato abo rises bolay bolay na20.2 %
content20.2 %
android application development tutorials pdf20.2 %
notes on flip-flop and latches20.2 %
boro apur gumer maze soto vai pod marlo20.2 %
various pricing policies20.2 %
binarization of noisy gray-scale character images by thin line modeling20.2 %
nus department of information systems20.2 %
how to solve larger input k map20.2 %
funny school pics20.2 %
diagram of object oriented dbms20.2 %
ceg dean list students20.2 %
fixed point representation in computer organisation20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~lingtw/papers/tods76.chen.pdf20.2 %
books by robin sharma pdf download20.2 %
androide tutirials pdf20.2 %
algorithm for minheapify20.2 %
graph matching ppt20.2 %
sap phd scholar program20.2 %
relational database design using er20.2 %
introduction to managerial economics20.2 %
supervised keyword extraction from publication20.2 %
building medical corpus20.2 %
psychology of persuasion pdf20.2 %
kanmy nus20.2 %
pseudo code problems and doloution pdf20.2 %
ioms university20.2 %
explain java swing architecture20.2 %
fast image highlight remove20.2 %
elasticity of travel time greater than 310.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/undergraduates/useful_course_schedule.html10.1 %
how to use d flip flop in determining the excitation table10.1 %
delaunay triangulation algorithm pseudocode10.1 %
wavelet text detection in images10.1 %
https //personal.comp.nus.edu.sg/~lingtw/papers/tkde-baozhifeng.2010.pdf10.1 %
modular verification of wireless sensor network temporal properties10.1 %
nus businesss analytics10.1 %
boolean function implementation using decoder10.1 %
visa cost bali 201410.1 %
node frequency in range algorithm10.1 %
kdd interestingness evaluation10.1 %
how to read jlist data10.1 %
logic function using d flip flop10.1 %
evaluation of dense two frame stereo correspondence algorithm to define the depth cues from imaging sensors10.1 %
how to solve five variable k map10.1 %
quark empirical assessment of automaton-based specification miners.10.1 %
gnu_stack segment10.1 %
teaching assistant application10.1 %
validation techniques10.1 %
rule based classification10.1 %
what are the features of microsoft word 200310.1 %
define managerial economics10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~lingtw/cs4221/er.pdf10.1 %
fang@nus.edu.sg10.1 %
your 6pm release reservation is confirmed for arrival10.1 %
randomized quicksort10.1 %
visualization data structure10.1 %
how to draft a study schedule10.1 %
software development slogans10.1 %
health benefits of mixed fruit juice10.1 %
c notes pdf10.1 %
nus cs10.1 %
tuanphan10.1 %
android tutorial pdf10.1 %
media production10.1 %
paraphrasing definition10.1 %
sentosa10.1 %
csidm nus10.1 %
http //www0.comp.nus.edu/~changec/publications/2005_acmmm.pdf10.1 %
awt and swing logo diagrams10.1 %
pledge of a future teacher10.1 %
sample welcome address for the class reunion10.1 %
explain adder cum sub-tractors.10.1 %
national university of singapore msc computer science10.1 %
improving cloud data storage security using data partition10.1 %
analyzing the enabling factors for the organizational decision to adopt healthcare information systems10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs3283/2002-semesterii/cs3283.pdf10.1 %
robin sharma pdf10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l2p3.%20%20your%20own%20private%20time%20machine%20-%20introduction%20to%20revision%20control.pptx10.1 %
content based watermark10.1 %
gui 4 cli programming pdf10.1 %
nus ee410210.1 %
prayer for life partner10.1 %
java programming questions and answers pdf10.1 %
1015010.1 %
explain pricing policy10.1 %
draw and explain adder cum sub-tractors.10.1 %
wang guoping10.1 %
mind persuasion pdf10.1 %
database schemas ppt10.1 %
graphical password authentication ppt10.1 %
computer engineering quotes10.1 %
heryandi nus10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~tancl/publications/j2013/tip_subolan_double.pdf10.1 %
scratch pad memory address coding10.1 %
persuasion pdf10.1 %
phd computer science singapore university10.1 %
funny school10.1 %
combinational circuits ppt10.1 %
oral robert free pdf download10.1 %
invariant puzzles10.1 %
singtel locations near nus10.1 %
mntdata10.1 %
new price for bali visa on arrival 201410.1 %
example of a study time table practical10.1 %
ho qirong10.1 %
financial market segmentation.pdf10.1 %
memory forensic windows toolkit10.1 %
pledge of future teacher10.1 %
locating mapped resources in web 2.010.1 %
nus commencement10.1 %
ph.d in computer science in singapore10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l3p2.%20from%20the%20magicians%20hat%20-%20designing%20the%20product.pptx10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pat/research/10.1 %
simple scratch exercises10.1 %
branching and looping problems in algorithms10.1 %
phd admissions in singapore10.1 %
the deterrent and displacement effects of information security enforcement10.1 %
pd01110.1 %
class hierarchy in java10.1 %
special effects singapore10.1 %
kisah cerita perang badar10.1 %
what is price policy10.1 %
text detection10.1 %
dis10.1 %
java interactive program for area of irregular polygon using scanner10.1 %
yusof bin ishak picture10.1 %
complement system pathway diagram10.1 %
literature review of segmentation using thresholding technique10.1 %
lan gaming event in singapore 201410.1 %
electronic engineering masters course at nus10.1 %
algorithms flowcharts data types and pseudocode10.1 %
reasons low in adaptivity of performance management10.1 %
applications of arrays in data structure10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/is/bio/teohh.html10.1 %
proceeding of ims’2004 advances in maintenance and modeling simulation and intelligent monitoring of degradation10.1 %
persuasion psychology .pdf10.1 %
why do we use pullup in port 0 of microcontroler p89v51rd2bn10.1 %
oltp memory management10.1 %
smart spaces10.1 %
conceptual database design an entity-relationship approach10.1 %
school test funnies10.1 %
zara supply chain management10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/graduates/application.html10.1 %
me too10.1 %
nombank10.1 %
marital discard/pdf free to download10.1 %
concept of verification techniques10.1 %
nus webmail address10.1 %
rigid transformation matrix 3d10.1 %
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doctor.england.sexy.mobi.downla10.1 %
android progrramming.pdf10.1 %
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document image retrieval10.1 %
lauk daging hijau10.1 %
programming mathology chapter notes pdf solapur university10.1 %
www.play saxe vido fare daonlod come10.1 %
slogans for software10.1 %
www.comp.sax10.1 %
a&warew/image10.1 %
assignment problem applications10.1 %
robin s sharma books pdf10.1 %
cheng yuan画像10.1 %
what features should be added to ms word10.1 %
creating and managing tables in sql10.1 %
checkpoint giraph10.1 %
cerita perang nabi muhammad saw10.1 %
indexing in spatial databases10.1 %
a new method for arbitrarily-oriented text detection in video10.1 %
nus programming course10.1 %
currency conversion10.1 %
oodbms concepts10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l5p1.%20herding%20cats%20-%20making%20teams%20work.pptx10.1 %
dasfaa 201410.1 %
pdf cialdini10.1 %
influence the art of persuasion pdf10.1 %
png misclassification10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/%7estevenha10.1 %
software product line 201410.1 %
practical advice for team members10.1 %
image steganography ppt10.1 %
gui programming in java using eclipse pdf download10.1 %
master of computing nus10.1 %
using psychology on store clerk to buy cigarettes without being carded10.1 %
department of computer science in nus10.1 %
psychology of persuasion10.1 %
u shaped learning curve10.1 %
cs nus course director10.1 %
massively parallel processing10.1 %
cartoon school10.1 %
sop and pos form of logic functions ppt10.1 %
sybil attack10.1 %
download pat10.1 %
nus business analytics course requirements10.1 %
federation in cloud data management challenges and opportunities10.1 %
msorm10.1 %
posix semaphores tutorial10.1 %
game design nus10.1 %
funnypictures about school10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~ctank/tut1ans.doc10.1 %
cs210010.1 %
methodology of managerial economics10.1 %
sql sub query returning more than one column10.1 %
features of microsoft word10.1 %
registers counters and the memory unit10.1 %
love secret propsols10.1 %
most effective life partner prayer10.1 %
kalori kuih ros10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~abhik/10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5btutorialgroupid%5d%5byour%20full%20name%5d%5bce1%5d%5bjava%5d.doc10.1 %
jennette mc orly nua fotos10.1 %
how to influence pdf10.1 %
nus poly exemption10.1 %
introducrion to competitive programing10.1 %
sarsop10.1 %
android beginners tutoria pdfl10.1 %
data security using image steganography ppt10.1 %
best android tutorial filetype pdf10.1 %
features of ms word10.1 %
prasanta battacharya10.1 %
toh mui kiat10.1 %
how do i use cis forensics los angeles10.1 %
baiodata networking10.1 %
multi pop up card10.1 %
computer science master modules10.1 %
brodatz texture images10.1 %
classification of modeling10.1 %
eager aggregation and lazy aggregation10.1 %
nus student email account10.1 %
wang ye nus10.1 %
how to write algorithm ppt10.1 %
https //web.duke.edu/ filetype pdf10.1 %
event scheduling approach10.1 %
nus master of computer10.1 %
kisah perang badar10.1 %
soc nus10.1 %
nus journal ranking10.1 %
panglima perang badar10.1 %
humanoid robot ppt free download10.1 %
image binarization with diferente luminance10.1 %
architerture of 89v51rd210.1 %
automatic music video summarization based on audio-visual-text10.1 %
introduction finding all subgraphs algorithm ppt10.1 %
stanislau cadiz sariaya quezon10.1 %
facebook ppt10.1 %
tze yun leong10.1 %
messages of exhortation10.1 %
define and discuss the two conditions of economic efficiency10.1 %
pop up card book pdf10.1 %
mmm 200010.1 %
ieee paper for detection and prevention of xss attacks using proxy server10.1 %
online purchase intention10.1 %
nus information systems module mapping10.1 %
rule based classification algorithms10.1 %
nus sip10.1 %
saw system-assisted wear leveling on the write endurance of nand flash devices10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l4p2.%20never%20too%20early%20to%20test%20-%20an%20introduction%20to%20early%20developer%20testing.pptx10.1 %
definition of relationship10.1 %
android tutorial in pdf10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5btutorialgroupid%5d%5byour%20full%20name%5d%5bce2%5d%5bjava%5d.doc10.1 %
5 ghz discovery peer to peer listen probe10.1 %
ankit goyal10.1 %
quick quasi cliques10.1 %
lecture note on managerial economics10.1 %
quek woon woon10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~rudys/arnie/som-telcom-segmentation.pdf10.1 %
https //online.p-dojo.com/info/tool17.html10.1 %
mapreduce data summary10.1 %
three data mining operations10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~hugh/teachingstuff/cs1101c.pdf10.1 %
difference between debugging and testing10.1 %
if god meets to a girl then10.1 %
convert italic image to word10.1 %
liquidation support company in singapore sip10.1 %
forex10.1 %
origamic architecture pdf10.1 %
fm mathod10.1 %
wei lu ng hwee tou10.1 %
managerial economics lecture notes10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l2p2.%20%20refactoring%20-from%20turkey%20to%20peacock%20in%20thousand%20steps.pptx10.1 %
liu yan10.1 %
managerial economics demand analysis pdf10.1 %
aimsof e banking10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l2p1.%20%20good%20code %20bad%20code.pptx10.1 %
computational linguistics research papers10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s1/files/%5bteamid%5d%5bv0.0%5d.doc10.1 %
flowchart for selection sort10.1 %
managerial economics notes for mba pdf10.1 %
elasticity in macroeconinics pdf10.1 %
design and implementation of smart pedometer with human activity recognition in android platform10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l1.d%20introduction%20to%20cs2103.pptx10.1 %
vliw and superscalar architecture ppt10.1 %
principles managerial economics pdf10.1 %
how to protect the environment10.1 %
lotka s law pdf10.1 %
adder cum subtractor.10.1 %
meta-cure a reliability enhancement strategy for metadata in nand flash memory storage systems10.1 %
features in microsoft word10.1 %
tracking the plan10.1 %
cs3241 cors10.1 %
sample c programs pdf10.1 %
apply online to schools that offers arhitecture in america for undergradauted in 201510.1 %
dijkstra s algorithm ppt10.1 %
htttp //download.autodesk.com/us/maya/maya2013.getting_started/index.html10.1 %
beng chin ooi10.1 %
contribution à l analyse des défaillances des systemes industrielles10.1 %
android application development tutorial for beginners pdf10.1 %
hot.gajeyabad.nus10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l3p1%5d%20%20problem%20before%20solution%20-%20figuring%20out%20requirements.pdf10.1 %
gpu image registration10.1 %
binary term weighting10.1 %
image binarization with variation of luminance10.1 %
trust management10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~tsim/documents/face_makeup_cvpr09_lowres.pdf10.1 %
pdf on vfx10.1 %
mong li lee10.1 %
mibench basic blocks10.1 %
50 20 82 16 32 96 78 11 26 19 62 44 125 80 91 construct a binary tree10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~bodhi/teaching/r/10.1 %
cara-cara membuat kek10.1 %
nus module exemption10.1 %
nus timetable10.1 %
bovinia state university competitive programming10.1 %
pdf of elasticity notes10.1 %
breakout strategy pdf10.1 %
nus information systems10.1 %
text comment summarization10.1 %
simple problem with flowchart and algorithm10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~ipng/mecon/sg/09prc_sg.pdf10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs1101x/johndean/forstudents/john_dean-ppt/chapter1_nn.ppt10.1 %
bit torrent10.1 %
advice for a divided group10.1 %
lee kah chong10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs1101s/sicp/10.1 %
vcrm nus10.1 %
3d region growing liver tumor segmentation10.1 %
rebecca ashley dass10.1 %
meihui zhang10.1 %
nus is10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~a0083545/cloud/robert%20caldini_influence %20psychology%20of%20persuasion.pdf10.1 %
java gui book10.1 %
database system thomas connolly carolyn begg 5th edition pdf10.1 %
whats gravity/robo ppt10.1 %
storm - big data10.1 %
how to get last index number of the gile using java swing10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s1/files/getting%20started%20with%20eclipse.pptx10.1 %
nus soc map10.1 %
managerial economics pdf lecture notes10.1 %
www.zoo.com10.1 %
various prices policy in market10.1 %
princess alexandra olga victoria mary thyra violet helena10.1 %
features microsoft word10.1 %
posix semaphore example10.1 %
robin sharma books free download pdf10.1 %
downlod autamic phsycolazy book10.1 %
community detection maximum clique10.1 %
a new method for words segmentation from arbitrary-oriented video text lines10.1 %
two months information technology courses in singapore $50010.1 %
http //www0.comp.nus.edu.sg/~brown/pdf/iccv11_depthmapupsampling.pdf10.1 %
extending the lifetime of nand flash memory by salvaging bad blocks10.1 %
word segmentation10.1 %
how do we split modules in query processing in big data10.1 %
verification techniques10.1 %
z. jiang j. chan b.c.y. tan w.s. chua effects of interactivity on website involvement and purchase intention.10.1 %
color binning algorithm10.1 %
software engineer quotes funny10.1 %
multi-oriented scene text detection in video based on wavelet and angle projection boundary growing.10.1 %
java mdi form10.1 %
the performance of mapreduce10.1 %
managerial economics books pdf10.1 %
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the psychology of persuasion10.1 %
vivienne horner paul taylor bishop auckland co durham uk10.1 %
school of computing nus contact10.1 %
kyoto kinkajou itinerary10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l1p3.%20stop%20butterflies%20from%20causing%20tornadoes%20-%20preventing%20regressions.pptx10.1 %
aaron tan comp nus10.1 %
trofast bed10.1 %
sharon s.l. tan10.1 %
inurl /test.html site .sg10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/l4p1.%20the%20view%20from%20the%20top%20-%20architecture.pptx10.1 %
evaluation of set-based queries with aggregation constraints10.1 %
perspective interpolation opengl10.1 %
business analytics nus10.1 %
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cross correlation image processing10.1 %

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