A new visits is defined as each new incoming visitor (viewing or browsing a page) who was not connected to your site during last 60 mn.
Number of client hosts (IP address) who came to visit the site (and who viewed at least one page).
This data refers to the number of different physical persons who had reached the site.
Number of times a page of the site is viewed (Sum for all visitors for all visits).
This piece of data differs from "hits" in that it counts only HTML pages as oppose to images and other files.
Number of times a page, image, file of the site is viewed or downloaded by someone.
This piece of data is provided as a reference only, since the number of "pages" viewed is often prefered for marketing purposes.
This piece of information refers to the amount of data downloaded by all pages, images and files within your site.
Units are in KB, MB or GB (KiloBytes, MegaBytes or GigaBytes)
Awstats recognizes each access to your site after a search from the 90 most popular Internet Search Engines and Directories (such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, Voila, etc...).
List of all external pages which were used to link (and enter) to your site (Only the 20 most often used external pages are shown). Links used by the results of the search engines are excluded here because they have already been included on the previous line within this table.
This table shows the list of the most frequent keyphrases or keywords used to find your site from Internet Search Engines and Directories. (Keywords from the 90 most popular Search Engines and Directories are recognized by Awstats, such as Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Google, Voila, etc...).
Note that total number of searches for keywords might be greater than total number of searches for keyphrases (real number of searches) because when 2 keywords were used on same search, search is counted twice for keywords (once for each word).
Robots (sometimes refer to Spiders) are automatic computer visitors used by many search engines that scan your web site to index it and rank it, collect statistics on Internet Web sites and/or see if your site is still online.
Awstats is able to recognize up to 307 robots.
All time related statistics are based on server time.
Here, reported data are: average values (calculated from all data between the first and last visit)
Here, reported data are: cumulative sums (calculated from all data between the first and last visit)
Some Visits durations are 'unknown' because they can't always be calculated. This is the major reason for this:
- Visit was not finished when 'update' occured.
- Visit started the last hour (after 23:00) of the last day of a month (A technical reason prevents Awstats from calculating duration of such sessions)
No description for this error.
Request was understood by server but will be processed later.
Server has processed the request but there is no document to send.
Partial content.
Requested document was moved and is now at another address given in answer.
No description for this error.
Syntax error, server didn't understand request.
Tried to reach an URL where a login/password pair was required.
A high number within this item could mean that someone (such as a hacker) is attempting to crack, or enter into your site (hoping to enter a secured area by trying different login/password pairs, for instance).
Tried to reach an URL not configured to be reachable, even with an login/password pair (for example, an URL within a directory not defined as "browsable".).
Tried to reach a non existing URL. This error often means that there is an invalid link somewhere in your site or that a visitor mistyped a certain URL.
Server has taken too much time to respond to a request. This error frequently involves either a slow CGI script which the server was required to kill or an extremely congested web server.
Internal error. This error is often caused by a CGI program that had finished abnormally (coredump for example).
Unknown requested action.
Code returned by a HTTP server that works as a proxy or gateway when a real, targeted server doesn't answer successfully to the client's request.
Internal server error.
Gateway Time-out.
HTTP Version Not Supported.
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Keyphrases used on search engines  
533 different keyphrasesSearchPercent
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/%5bteamid%5d%5bv0.0%5d.doc515.8 %
nus cs masters degree course283.1 %
nus masters in computer science273 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/slides/l3p2.%20from%20the%20magician%92s%20hat%20-%20designing%20the%20product.pptx182 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/slides/l3p1.%20problem%20before%20solution%20-%20figuring%20out%20requirements.pptx171.9 %
managerial economics141.5 %
nus career fair111.2 %
rudy setiono phd national university of singapore70.7 %
pricing policy60.6 %
robin sharma books free download60.6 %
what is managerial economics50.5 %
ng how yue50.5 %
application of data structure50.5 %
methods to take input of jlist in swing50.5 %
https //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/cs/research_staff.html40.4 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1415s2/files/uml%20reference%20sheet.pdf40.4 %
ars40.4 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~prateeks/40.4 %
funny school cartoons40.4 %
desktop40.4 %
computer architecture by nicholas carter pdf40.4 %
petri flou.pdf40.4 %
nus cs323530.3 %
robin sharma pdf30.3 %
why managerial economics30.3 %
advanced software engineering books.pdf30.3 %
managerial economics pdf30.3 %
swing tutorial pdf30.3 %
halting problem proof30.3 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/%5btutorialgroupid%5d%5byour%20full%20name%5d%5bce2%5d%5bjava%5d.doc30.3 %
managerial economic30.3 %
features of ms word30.3 %
perang badar30.3 %
raid for beginners ppt30.3 %
morning me bacho ka rutten in english30.3 %
management economics definition30.3 %
karnaugh map pdf30.3 %
funny school pictures30.3 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/%5btutorialgroupid%5d%5byour%20full%20name%5d%5bce1%5d%5bjava%5d.doc30.3 %
school cartoon pictures30.3 %
power of success pdf30.3 %
scalar data types in data structure30.3 %
robin sharma books pdf30.3 %
money laundering data mining30.3 %
how you will use your intreprenerial skills to increase the market share20.2 %
qoutes on software20.2 %
real time application of data structure20.2 %
techniques how to evaluate the result of document image binarization20.2 %
discuss elasticity pdf20.2 %
pdf.special effects20.2 %
cs1010e lab20.2 %
semi lazy mining paradigm20.2 %
managerial economics concepts20.2 %
matching problem intitle matching combinatorics discrete abstract definition filetype pdf20.2 %
pricing policy and practices20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s120.2 %
ms word features list20.2 %
programing methedology texrlt in pdf20.2 %
chapter 2 problem solving20.2 %
introduction of managerial economics20.2 %
merits and demerits of k-map20.2 %
catchy quotes about various departments of engineering in tamil language20.2 %
nus ms in computer science placements20.2 %
managerial economics mba notes pdf20.2 %
welcome speech for alumni meet20.2 %
what are the features of ms word20.2 %
shift registers and counters ppt20.2 %
price and pricing policy20.2 %
bar20.2 %
resepi kuih muih20.2 %
buyer behavior principles of marketing - kotler20.2 %
pengertian perang badar20.2 %
economicscached managerial economics is the application20.2 %
mobile adhoc network phd sample proposal20.2 %
concepts of managerial economics pdf20.2 %
ppt for dijkstra s algorithm20.2 %
perl shell tcl pdf20.2 %
web20.2 %
robin sharma novels free download pdf20.2 %
4 bit parallel adder/subtracter pdf20.2 %
we define a as anything that can be offered20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pptlabs/download.html20.2 %
jk flip flop with logic and block diagram ppt20.2 %
many differnce between coputer and human being20.2 %
humanoid robot ppt free download20.2 %
k map pdf20.2 %
role of algorithm in problem solving20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs4340/resources/keylight%20ae%20user%20guide.pdf20.2 %
clustering in manet ppt20.2 %
visual c tutorial pdf20.2 %
exploiting memory allocation granularity in heap-spraying attacks.20.2 %
neural network in forex20.2 %
funny pictures of school20.2 %
sakar svare ujjain20.2 %
content20.2 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/implementing%20a%20basic%20class.pdf20.2 %
characteristics of rule based classifier20.2 %
advantage and disadvantages of karnaugh map20.2 %
audio crowd measuring20.2 %
managerial economic notes pdf20.2 %
managerial economics meaning in tamil20.2 %
telugu introduction managerial economic20.2 %
kalar suit dejani20.2 %
java appreciation20.2 %
convex position estimation in wireless sensor networks20.2 %
jscrollpane jtabbedpane jdesktoppane program20.2 %
kotler marketing management multiple choice chapter 420.2 %
importance of programming language in the field of computing ppt20.2 %
managerial economics introduction20.2 %
android development tutorial. pdf20.2 %
prateek20.2 %
155120.2 %
introduction to managerial economics20.2 %
application of queue in data structure ppt20.2 %
six steps of problem solving in algorithm20.2 %
manet position based routing protocol for k nearest neighbor based on location20.2 %
models in managerial economics20.2 %
java gui tutorial pdf20.2 %
chew chun chau20.2 %
pseudo code for famous algorithms20.2 %
free download robin sharma books in pdf20.2 %
robin sharma pdf ceo20.2 %
nus20.2 %
branding can add consumer value to a product20.2 %
similarities between computer and human being20.2 %
manegerial economics chapter notes20.2 %
sunk or opportunity cost pdf20.2 %
homepage20.2 %
definition of algorithm in c language with example in ppt10.1 %
business buyer behaviour kotler10.1 %
the decision making unit of a buying organization is called10.1 %
sashil anand10.1 %
jkj10.1 %
nus singapore gate10.1 %
proof by contradiction10.1 %
nus icpc10.1 %
hierarchy of swing package10.1 %
normalisation schema refinement wikipedia10.1 %
kuih puding10.1 %
programming methodology ppt10.1 %
uva 45910.1 %
long run sunk cost10.1 %
example point line segment10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/slides/l2p2.%20%20refactoring%20-from%20turkey%20to%20peacock%20in%20thousand%20steps.pptx10.1 %
software testing performance10.1 %
shop in sg sell c-dvr10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~damithch/pages/se-quotes.htm10.1 %
learning algorithm iteration flow chart and pseudocode10.1 %
nus computing dean s list10.1 %
number systems doc10.1 %
hoban garsif10.1 %
pdf of managerial economics10.1 %
sweta shinde10.1 %
entity-relationship10.1 %
itek sio10.1 %
www..comp10.1 %
mod counters in digital computer fundamentals10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/slides/l2p1.%20%20good%20code %20bad%20code.pptx10.1 %
200 secrets of success10.1 %
how much gpa requured for nus gate10.1 %
multiply 10110 base two by 110 base two10.1 %
dijkstra s algorithm example ppt10.1 %
gre score for national university of singapore10.1 %
difference bt testing and debugging in c10.1 %
sns recommendation followee10.1 %
c program for r s complement10.1 %
arrays data structure and its application10.1 %
406-42010.1 %
nus undergraduate courses10.1 %
interleave mp3 encoder10.1 %
tips to do project documentation easily10.1 %
magnolia asian paint colour10.1 %
importance of algorithm in problem solving10.1 %
android handlers loopers messages pdf10.1 %
sejarah perang badar10.1 %
format painter button10.1 %
prof kan10.1 %
basic android study introduction pdf10.1 %
singapore prison service logo10.1 %
光阴可贵10.1 %
lean customer development build products your customers will buy by cindy alvarez pdf10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/topics%20-%20big%20picture.pptx10.1 %
computer engineering quotes10.1 %
theory of computation tutorial points10.1 %
efficient protocols for generating bipartite classical distributions and quantum states arxiv10.1 %
nus internship10.1 %
explain the features of ms word10.1 %
paper alt10.1 %
teo li min10.1 %
map10.1 %
download android tutorial10.1 %
android programming guide pdf10.1 %
https //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/undergraduates/useful_course_schedule.html10.1 %
what is pricing policy pdf10.1 %
bacteria migap rbs10.1 %
top 10 world successful people life stories in pdf down10.1 %
things to say in a project presentation10.1 %
pdf meaning of economic efficiency10.1 %
regular recursive descriptive language examples automata10.1 %
thought for software engineering10.1 %
advanced software enguneering book pdf10.1 %
school funnies10.1 %
nus icpc results10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pptlabs/download.html10.1 %
copying rows from another table in dml10.1 %
bin packing problem algorithm ppt10.1 %
sop 5 variables10.1 %
binary to gray code converter ppt10.1 %
dis10.1 %
puja nus10.1 %
quotes for a computer engineer10.1 %
gre scores required fir nus10.1 %
sejarah peperangan dalam islam10.1 %
sejarah perang islam10.1 %
filetype pdf ben10.1 %
huang ke wei nus soc10.1 %
animated project of single source shortest path10.1 %
ela pictures back10.1 %
resepi kuih dari santan10.1 %
meaning of project synopsis10.1 %
data distribution service pdf10.1 %
http //www.iscs.nus.edu.sg/~ongtw10.1 %
description implementation of algorithm10.1 %
henry chia nus10.1 %
find instructions given clock rate and clock cycles and cpi10.1 %
hot to connect some values to elements of jlist10.1 %
cryptography mcq questions with answers10.1 %
supervised learning based retrieval10.1 %
hierarchical database model pdf10.1 %
some good dares for teachers on teachers day10.1 %
here now lum7610.1 %
dijskras shortest path algorithm ppt10.1 %
mohan nus10.1 %
ticon fibre net bangalore10.1 %
shampoo marketers rate buyers as light medium or heavy products users10.1 %
resipi kuih tepung pulut10.1 %
elasticity chapter pdf10.1 %
national university of singapore game design10.1 %
secrets of success pdf10.1 %
virtual shopping10.1 %
as6 nus10.1 %
school starting jokes10.1 %
fast company 150 secrets of productive people.pdf10.1 %
sample study timetable for a science student10.1 %
android eclipse tutorial step by step pdf10.1 %
selling prices of goods in png with their freight and mark-up10.1 %
xor#mode=detail&index=157&st=592510.1 %
gui chapter in java pdf10.1 %
pictures of animated cows10.1 %
briefly list procedures to gather competitive intelligence10.1 %
tchs10.1 %
when customers are willing to pay a premium to get precisely what they want and a company responds quickly to satisfy customers needs the company has achieved what is called10.1 %
good universities for computer science in singapore10.1 %
nus school of computing10.1 %
5 marketing functions of the salesperson10.1 %
secret battery filetype pdf10.1 %
allesintitel media choice10.1 %
difference between computer and human being10.1 %
midline shift brain คือ10.1 %
alt 2015 banff10.1 %
sirah nabi muhammad perang badar10.1 %
dasfaa 201410.1 %
methodology in c10.1 %
gdb memory layout10.1 %
simulation of single and two server queue10.1 %
ms in computer science in singapore10.1 %
convert 38 to excess 3 code in digital electronics10.1 %
elasicity of demand pdf10.1 %
computer vs human being10.1 %
•smiler a semi-lazy time series prediction system for sensors10.1 %
programming techniques in c pdf10.1 %
robin sharma articles pdf10.1 %
what is the truth table for 32 1 mux?10.1 %
sr3 soc10.1 %
recall previously typed commands in sql10.1 %
videos for image text extraction10.1 %
praying for a partner10.1 %
dpwnlod pppt facebook10.1 %
kmape 5 veriable pdf10.1 %
error detection and correction pdf10.1 %
facebook. ppt10.1 %
computer science10.1 %
download pat10.1 %
set top box pdf10.1 %
gui nested layout in java tutorial pdf10.1 %
c programming tips pdf10.1 %
karnaugh map pdf notes10.1 %
definition of managerial economics10.1 %
resepi kueh..10.1 %
features of microsoft word10.1 %
1-39310.1 %
movement for the intellectually disabled of singapore10.1 %
products/service which the salon is desired and link to the programme10.1 %
java mdi form example code10.1 %
what is a features of ms word10.1 %
hikmah perang badar10.1 %
atm state10.1 %
basic concepts of managerial economics pdf10.1 %
atap10.1 %
importance of programming language ppt10.1 %
jonathan irvin gunawan10.1 %
robin sharma pdf free download10.1 %
wolf psort10.1 %
what is managireal economic10.1 %
resepi kek biskut kuih muih10.1 %
cognitive10.1 %
software topics for presentation10.1 %
the fear cure pdf robin sharma10.1 %
nus soc10.1 %
dfa to get the multiple of 5 in a given set 0 110.1 %
reduce hop count in manet10.1 %
microsoft word feature10.1 %
using jtabel jtree program10.1 %
abcd 2 ane bodo cone danas vidro download10.1 %
software engineering labs10.1 %
scipy cookbook pdf10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/javacityconnectforrefactoring.zip10.1 %
buscar videos de elizabeth ravelo valladares cachando en hotel talara peru10.1 %
relationship of managerial economics introduction10.1 %
hierarchical data model in dbms with example10.1 %
li zhou mong10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~shweta24/talks/smc_pldi14.pptx10.1 %
04ecc6d4-68d3-4dce-a001-3735032d625a10.1 %
the power of self affirmation by stephen pdf free download10.1 %
stencil computation automatic code generation gpu10.1 %
compund sentence indonesian to english translation10.1 %
point register at least 310.1 %
facebook ppt10.1 %
counters amd register ppy10.1 %
lab report on logic gate10.1 %
hand craft job niyares dunlop to barahonagar10.1 %
airbus and boeing10.1 %
difference between computers and human10.1 %
powerpoint for character recognition from palm leaf manuscript10.1 %
which one i can compare the result of document image binarization10.1 %
nus soc career fair 201510.1 %
define managerial economic10.1 %
ng how yue scholar10.1 %
nus letter of recommendation format10.1 %
low latency trading strategy10.1 %
system information technology singapore hospital10.1 %
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programming languages concept allen tucker robert noonan10.1 %
programing and programing methodology 110.1 %
camera pinhole model10.1 %
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what are the application of data structure10.1 %
labview flou10.1 %
changes in demand for various vegetables with change in price pdf10.1 %
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game9.in10.1 %
generics and collections in java pdf10.1 %
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jlist property in java10.1 %
trade mark terminal containers10.1 %
nus soc career fair10.1 %
jin song10.1 %
survey research paper example10.1 %
high quality depth map upsampling for 3d-tof cameras10.1 %
sukatan cili merah dua ekor ayam10.1 %
chan yiu man nus10.1 %
formatting features of ms word10.1 %
applications of data structures10.1 %
origamic architecture patterns10.1 %
• scope of incentive schemes. bcom questions10.1 %
lineandplaneofskull10.1 %
gui pdf10.1 %
improved approximate string matching using compressed suffix data structures10.1 %
topological sorting.ppt10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/%5bhandout%20for%20l3p1%5d%20%20problem%20before%20solution%20-%20figuring%20out%20requirements.pdf10.1 %
software oriented architecture pdf10.1 %
gre score range for nus for ms10.1 %
survey paper format doc10.1 %
school pics cartoon10.1 %
stephen halim phd national univesity of singapore10.1 %
kye sallna to jeno conda se mein rab dy vang ty10.1 %
mixed fruit juice recipe and benefits10.1 %
parallel addre and subtractor pdf10.1 %
exams writtem to join nus ms cs10.1 %
normalisation schema refinement10.1 %
nus information systems10.1 %
effect of a team member disturbs the others all the time10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~ipng/mecon/sg/09prc_sg.pdf10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~mohan/papers/music_struct.pdf10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs3216/blogs.html10.1 %
p.o.p design book pdf10.1 %
making data manipulation permanent commit10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1314s2/files/implmenting%20a%20basic%20class.mp410.1 %
what is the role of programing language10.1 %
definition of managerial economics pdf10.1 %
what is managerial economics mba notes10.1 %
peh chen leong10.1 %
351310.1 %
slide share of dijkstra s algorithm.pdf10.1 %
how to sucuss work and life books10.1 %
rna structure primary secondary tertiary10.1 %
poh boon wei10.1 %
problem solving flowcharts algorithms and pseudo codes10.1 %
hypothesis testing for real world in data mining and olap10.1 %
pdf of role of algorithm on problem solving10.1 %
coverage prediction handbook pdf10.1 %
software engineer status10.1 %
testing & debugging programming in c ptigrame10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~stevenha10.1 %
microsoft word features10.1 %
inspirational books about the rich pdf10.1 %
hierarchical and network database10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/slides/l1.d%20introduction%20to%20cs2103.pptx10.1 %
mobile applications tutorial pdf10.1 %
introduction to managerial economic telugu10.1 %
how to design a gui with java/pdf10.1 %
what is mean by synopasis related to project10.1 %
short note on elasticity10.1 %
elasticity of demand pdf10.1 %
specmine10.1 %
list of data structure application10.1 %
tut matric10.1 %
the elastycity of demand pdf10.1 %
human being and computer.10.1 %
encrypts a digit stream mcq10.1 %
common frame work for memory hierarchy10.1 %
applications of data structure10.1 %
how set top box works pdf10.1 %
java mac look and feel10.1 %
jooyong lee10.1 %
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tutorial pop up book pdf10.1 %
asian paint door. paints photos10.1 %
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mcq on cryptography10.1 %
google10.1 %
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notes introduction of programming methodology10.1 %
role mapping process to arbitrary class instances ppt10.1 %
how to identify fractures in x ray10.1 %
what is managerial economic?10.1 %
axin tanks10.1 %
advancedsoftwareengineeringpdf10.1 %
counters and registers10.1 %
https //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/undergraduates/info_security.html10.1 %
tcl tutorial pdf for beginners10.1 %
best computing university in singapore10.1 %
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application of data structure ppt10.1 %
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what are the 3 types of triangles10.1 %
multiple sequence alignment examples10.1 %
com1 b10810.1 %
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1014810.1 %
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methods for evaluating the performance of image binarization10.1 %
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bibliometric laws10.1 %
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government market consists of government agency that buy goods to transfer goods others who need them10.1 %
my resepi kuih muih simple10.1 %
factors in company s marketing environment that affects it s ability to serve customers10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cmcurric/faq991.htm10.1 %
amazon review10.1 %
533-25810.1 %
resepi kueh10.1 %
ram schematic diagram10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs2103/ay1516s1/files/1415sem1-cs2103-t.pdf10.1 %
m.s word feature10.1 %
managerial economics concept10.1 %
pdf on java swing components10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~tians/papers/icpr2014_convolution-cohog_su.pdf10.1 %
ms word and its feauters10.1 %
ppt international sr flip flop logic diagram10.1 %
defibe managerial economics10.1 %
filetype ppt computer definition10.1 %
features of ms word with example10.1 %
how differ a computer from a human being10.1 %
explain about separate data extraction in image extraction10.1 %
sarah parker is a senior manager in a manufacturing firm that hires lobbyists to influence legislation that affects the manufacturing industry. sarah s firm takes a n ________ stance toward the marketing environment.10.1 %
robinsharma books pdf10.1 %
speech on alumni meet welcome10.1 %
android java programing pdf10.1 %
www.teachers s pledge.com10.1 %
mean shift tracking10.1 %
android programming tutorials pdf10.1 %
success books pdf10.1 %
mixed observability mdp10.1 %
golf swing side view10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~pptlabs/download-78563/powerpointlabsinstaller.zip10.1 %
quotes famous software engineers10.1 %
http //www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~cs1010/3_ca/pe/14s1/pe2/ex2_2048/testdata/input/game9.in10.1 %
system security and cryptpgraphy mcq10.1 %
10344 - 23 out of 5_uva10.1 %

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