Curriculum Changes affecting current students
(last update : 19 November 2010)

19 November 2010

Following modules have been approved as Communication and Media electives for all cohorts:
CS4347 Sound and Music Computing (under group A electives)
CS5343 Advance Computer Animation (under group A & C electives)

In addition, for students who are interested in reading NM modules, please note that you are required to comply with the module pre-requisites and CAP requirement as specified by the host department: Communication and New Media (CNM) department.

22 June 2009

The latest curriculum updates for BComp programmes are given at here

30 Juy 2007

The latest curriculum updates for BComp programmes are given at

25 Juy 2006

The Information Systems Dept has introduced the following two IS modules in AY2006-7:
CS4255 IT Outsourcing and Offshoring Management
CS4266 IT and Customer Relationship Management
The above 2 modules can be used to meet IS and EC electives at level-4.

The prerequisites to CS3261 IT Marketing have been updated as Pass CS1101 or CS1101C or CS1101S or IT1002 or IT1801. Its preclusion is either MKT1003 or PR4201.

29 March 2006

Please refer to here for the changes to Communications and Media programme requirements

7 Juy 2005

Curriculum Updates

1. Introduction of new IS module

CS2261 Enterprise Systems Development
This module will not replace CS2103 Software Engineering as the degree requirements for students matriculated before July 2005 (including poly intake 2005). Current students can read this as unrestricted elective towards meeting the tota l MCs for graduation requirement.

2. Discontinuation of EE2008 Circuits

EE2008 Circuits is discontinued by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering starting AY2005-6. For BComp (Comp. Engineering) cohorts matriculated in AY 2002/2003 and AY2003/2004, it will be replaced by a module from Area A 7: Embedded Systems Technology for those who have not completed EE2008. This module must not have double counted elsewhere in the degree.

3. Amendment to degree requirement for three-year BComp with Technology focus

The degree requirement for three-year Bachelor of Computing programmes for cohorts matriculated in AY2003/2004 and AY2004/2005 is amended to allow the use of CS3212 (Programming Languages) to replace the requirement for CS2104 (Programmi ng Language Concepts). The change will be effective starting semester 1, AY2005-6.

12 November 2004

Changes to prerequisites of CS3254 and CS4252
With effect from semester 2, 2004-5, the prerequisites of

(1) CS3254 has been revised to: Pass CS2250/S and CS2105 and
(2) CS4252 has been revised to : Pass CS3254

Old prerequisites to these two modules will be valid for CORS registration for the last time in semester 2, 2004-5.

24 July 2004

Latest from CS Curriculum Chair:

Applicable to programmes in the department of Computer Science:

For students in a program requiring MA1505C, but taken MA1102R, they have to read MA1104 (Advanced Calculus I), in order to be considered as satisfying the MA1505C requirement.

For students requiring ST2131, but taken ST2334, they have to read ST2132 (Mathematical Statistics) in order to be considered as satisfying the ST2131 requirement.

To avoid students reading the wrong MA modules that subsequently preclude them from fulfiling their major requirements. The following will be in place:

All SoC students (U02 cohorts and after) will not be allowed to take MA1102R. Students will be allowed to take MA1102R if they want to take up double degree in mathematics. As both the double degree requires students to take both MA1102R and MA1104, they are therefore deemed to have satisfy the MA1505C (or even MA1505) requirement.

All students are precluded from taking MA1100 and MA1100S with effect from AY2004-5.

7 July 2004

Curriculum Updates

The latest curriculum updates and introduction of new modules are given in here