Automate Mobile App Testing The Easy Way

Our testing service lets you deliver high quality apps, at a fraction of the cost and effort! Just upload your app (or code), choose the devices you want to test it on, and sit back!

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Mobile app testing is now as easy as drag-n-drop!

Our cloud-based testing solution lets the app-developer offload most of their testing work to our servers while they can concentrate on developing the functionalities of their app. Our framework can automatically find app-crashes, performance issues, energy-consumption issues, security issues and much more!

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Why Test1080?


Requires minimal configuration. Methodical search procedure assures better coverage every single time.


Saves time and effort required to set up testing infrastructure. Services available globally on a pay-per-use basis.

Parallel Execution

Tests app on multiple devices at the same time. Further reduces turn-around time to get the test results.


Testing services are available round the clock (unlike human counterparts)!

Our Team

Prof. Abhik Roychoudhury brings in more than 15 years of experience in software testing research to this effort. His goal is to deliver 360 degree app testing in terms of functionality, energy consumption and security properties. Dr. Abhijeet Banerjee has extensively researched mobile app testing and non-functional properties having completed his PhD from NUS. He is committed to make app testing automated and push-button technology. Atish Sanyal is the DevOps Engineer in the team and has previously worked at PwC. Aditya Swami is responsible for Business Development and has previously worked at Citi and Accenture. Prof. Francis Yeoh is the advisor for the team and is currently serving as the Chair for Entrepreneurship at School of Computing in NUS. Also, he is currently serving as the Executive Director at Mediapreneur Incubator and former CEO at NRF.