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Research Areas


            Software Testing and Analysis, Software Security, Trust-worthy Software Construction.



Research Themes


           Automated Program Repair

              Binary Analysis and Vulnerability Detection

              Mobile app testing for crashes and security (Innovation / startup effort).

              Software timing analysis (Tool, Recent works)





Funded Projects  



         TSUNAMi:  Trustworthy systems from un-trusted components (Lead PI), $6.1M, 2015-20.

         funded by National Research Foundation (NRF), contact us for open positions.


         Energy aware programming, Principal Investigator (PI), $373K, 2014-17,

         funded by Ministry of Education, 2014-17.


       CoDeTest: Comprehension, Detection and testing via Symbolic Execution, PI, $390K

         funded by DSO Labs, 2013-16.



TSUNAMi project group-photo 2015



Completed projects



Research Awards





Last updated 2016.