Class Summary
ConfigDialog Configure the port and capability of EventManager that is responsible for acceping incoming requests at the same time.
DatabaseQueryTableModel This DatabaseQueryTableModel is a basic implementation of TableModel interface that fills out a Vector from a query's result set
DBConfigureView Implement panel for configuration of connection to ERP database and BestPeer DB
DBManagerPanel DBManagerPanel is interface for db configure and db explorer
EntrancePointDialog This class is used to get the bootstrap server returned online super peers and allows the super user to select an arbitrary one to join the super peer network.
GBC This class simplifies the use of the GridBagConstraints class.
LoginPanel Implement panel for users to login
Logo_Toolbar_Panel Implement toobar and Logo of BestPeer in server peer GUI
OperatePanel Class OperatePanel is a JTabbedPane used to organize the main tab for BestPeer
QueryManagerPanel QueryManagerPanel is used to display the choice of operation in Query Manager Tab.
ServerGUI Main function of server peer GUI
ServerMenuBar Implement menu bar for server peer GUI
ServerToolbar Toobar of server peer GUI
SQLQueryBrowerPanel SQLQueryBrowerPanel is interface for query.
SuccessfulLoginPanel Implement welcome panel after local admins login successfully