Interface Summary
PooledSocketHandler This interface is responsible for processing any incoming socket request passed from PooledSocketServer.
PooledSocketServer This interface defines the methods used for initializing a set of PooledSocketHandlers that are reponsible for processing each incoming socket request, accepting any incoming socket request by wrapping, and stopping the service of and all running PooledSocketHandlers.

Class Summary
AbstractPooledSocketHandler The class defines the default implementation of AbstractPooledSocketHandler.
AbstractPooledSocketServer This class defines the default implementation of the PooledSocketServer, by wrapping the
CodeCounter Statistics the total number of lines of the source code in a specified directory.
DBConfigureFrame Dialog for congifuring the connection to the ERP database and BestPeer database
DBConnector This class is used for providing the default information in order to connect to the back-end database.
GenerateLocalDatabaseSample This class is used to generate sample data for the ERP database.
GenerateRequiredDatabaseForBootstrap This class is used to generate metadata database for bootstrap peer.
GenerateRequiredDatabaseForServer This class is used to generate metadata database for server peer.
Inet A utility used for obtaining IP-related information.
MetaDataAccess Helper class for accessing meta data of Corporate BestPeer Now for storing global schema and access control management Later should integrate index db into it...
NameUtil This class is used to generate a unique name for an event
PeerLog Implement logging function for peers
PeerMath A utility used for constructing the BATON tree and checking the correctness of the BATON tree.
Range Implement a range for range query
Tools A utility that defines a set of methods used for general purpose, such as Date transformation, string description of Throwable, and numeric type conversion.