European Conference in Computer Vision (ECCV) 2014

Tutorial #1: Understanding the In-Camera Image Processing Pipeline for Computer Vision

Organizers : Michael Brown (National Univresity of Singapore), Seon Joo Kim (Yonsei University)

Description : Image processing and computer vision algorithms often treat a camera as a light measurement device, where pixel intensities represent meaningful physical measurements of the imaged scene. However, modern digital cameras are anything but light measuring devices, with a wide range of on-board processing, including noise reduction, white balance, and various color rendering options (e.g. landscape, portrait, vivid mode). This on-board processing is often how camera manufacturers distinguish themselves among competitors, resulting in two different cameras producing noticeably different output images (sRGB) for the same scene. This raises the question if meaningful values can be obtained from camera objects. In this tutorial we will overview the camera imaging pipeline and discuss various methods that have addressed how to reverse this processing to obtain meaningful physical values from digital photographs.

PPT slides ( link )

Tentative Schedule

Part 1 - Preliminaries
- Motivation
- Review on color/color spaces (CIE XYZ, CIE RGB, sRGB)
- Overview of the camera imaging pipeline
Part 2 - Modeling the in-camera color pipeline
- Building 3D LUTs
- Applications (photo re-finishing)
- Summary


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