Various Project Pages, Code, and Executables
The following links are to project pages of various research projects, many with available software, datasets, and code. These are mostly supported by my current or former students.  Please contact the appropriate person if you have questions concerning the content within these links.

Camera-Registered Multi-Projector Displays (link)
A basic set of C++ code (using OpenCV and OpenGL) to get a simple multi-project display up and running.  Code includes a calibration step as well as a simple networked rendering application.

Motion Deblurring (Hybrid Camera) (link)
Information from our CVPR’08, PAMI’09 papers on motion deblurring.

Interactive Document Binarization (link)
Software from our “BinarizationShop” worked presented at JCDL’10.   This includes a publically available Binkley data-set with ground truth labeled using PixLabeler, from Eric Saund’s group at XeroxParc.

Ultra High-Resolution Image (Normal + Geometry Fusion) (link)
From CVRP’10, please contact the author for access to the code and datasets, we are happy to share them, however, they are several gigabytes in size due to the ultra-high-resolution of the imaging setup.

Single-Image Super Resolution Colorization (link)
From ECCV’10, code to colorize results obtained using single-image super resolution applied on the luminance channel of the low-resolution input.

Radiometric Calibration Code and Data (ICCV 2011) (link)

Projective-as-Possible Image Stitching (CVPR 2013) (link)

NUS White-Balance Dataset (JOSA 2014) (link)