BuzzCity-SOC Clicks Fraud Detection Challenge 2012

Call for contestants

 is a popular payment model for Internet advertising where the advertisers contract a syndicator to distribute their advertisements to the publishers. Pay-per-click is subjected to abuses by malicious publishers through click fraud  where the malicious publishers imitate legitimate users, or mislead the users to generate clicks that do not have genuine interest in the advertisements’ content. 

By entering into this contest, you are taking up the challenge in solving a real-life problem:  deriving an automated method that identifies malicious publishers from large volume of clicks history. The data (with certain fields anonymized for privacy protection) are provided by BuzzCity, a global advertising network.


Contest Briefing
Venue: Video Conferencing Room COM1-02-13
Date/Time:  Wednesday 29 Aug 2012,  2pm to 3:30pm