Welcome to Co-Space

Co-Space is a storage and query processing engine for supporting cyber-physical World. The system is being designed to support cross-domain relationships between objects.

The project is funded by the MDA (Media Development Authority) of Singapore.


  • April 19, 2010 - CoSpace website is online now.
  • November, 2009 - CoSpace is proposed on SIGMOD RECORD [1].

Project Overview

Traditionally, the physical space and the virtual space are disjoint and distinct. Users in each space operate within the scope of the space, i.e, they may communicate among themselves but do not cross the boundary to the other space. However, technological advances in ubiquitous computing, smart interfaces and new augmented realities have made it possible for these two spaces to co-exist within a single space, the co (existing) space.

In a co-space environment (or cyber-physical system), the physical space and the virtual space interact simultaneously in real-time. Locations and events in the physical world are captured through the use of large number of sensors and mobile devices, and may be materialized within a virtual world. Correspondingly, certain actions or events within the virtual domain can affect the physical world (e.g. shopping or product promotion and experiential computer gaming). Thus, on one hand, the physical space is virtually enhanced with information. On the other hand, the virtual space is continuously refreshed with real-time, real-world information.

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CoSpace Applications

  • CoSpace Marketplace
  • CoSpace Gaming
  • Military Mission Exercises
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