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AY2017/8 Semester 1
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This module introduces the fundamental concepts of problem solving by computing and programming using an imperative programming language. It is the first and foremost introductory course to computing.

Topics covered include problem solving by computing, writing pseudo-codes, basic problem formulation and problem solving, program development, coding, testing and debugging, fundamental programming constructs (variables, types, expressions, assignments, functions, control structures, etc.), fundamental data structures: arrays, strings and structures, simple file processing, and basic recursion.

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Module activities include lectures, discussion (tutorials) and laboratory exercises. Other assessments include (but not limited to) a mid-semester written test, two practical examinations, and a final examination.




CG1101, CS1010E, CS1010FC, CS1010S, CS1101, CS1101C, CS1101S. Engineering and Science students who require this module for their majors/minors are not allowed to read it as ULR-Breadth.

Modular Credits:

4 MCs.


Contact hours: 2-hour lecture and 2-hour lab-based discussion (tutorial) every week. Weekly lab assignments will be given out.


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