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AY2017/8 Semester 2
Module Information - Policies

Harmony in Lectures and Discussion Groups

In order to maintain a fluent and fun learning environment in class, we would like to ask every one to respect each other during lectures and discussion groups. I would suggest that if anyone would like to express himself/herself loudly, we request you to hold up your hand and ask for permission before rasing your voice. Students who fail to do so may result in moving to the side or the back of the classroom, or even being invited to exit the classroom. Please understand that we would like to maintain a peaceful and respecting learning atmosphere for every one in class.

Correspondence and Communication Channels

Information is disseminated to you through this module website and the IVLE. Announcements are made on the IVLE. It is your responsibility to check them out regularly; failure in doing so cannot be used as an excuse.

Please use emails only for private matters. For queries on the module, we prefer that you post them on the IVLE discussion forums. When you do send us emails, please use only your OFFICIAL e-mail address (@comp.nus.edu.sg or @nus.edu.sg). If you send us any email from a non-official account, we will only reply if you include your official email address in your message. This is necessary for us to ascertain your identity.

We reserve the right to publish our answers to your email queries on the IVLE forums if we feel that they are of interest to the class.

Likewise, if we do send out emails, we will send them to your official e-mail address. If you have set a forwarding service to your own ISP mailbox or other external mail server, you must ensure that the mail server in use is reliable, otherwise emails from us may not reach you on time or even at all. We will refrain from sending out mass emails unless the matter is of grave urgency.

Notes and Handouts

To reduce wastage of papers, all course materials are available for download either on this module website or IVLE.


Your attendance will be monitored, especially for discussion sessions. Regular attendance at discussion sessions will also earn you some marks. If your attendance is irregular and you are not coping well with the module, you will be required to see your lecturer. We hope that this will not happen -- you should help yourself by consulting your lecturer, discussion leader or seniors the moment you face problems.

If you have a medical certificate for a missed discussion session, you may submit it to your discussion leader or lecturer.

You should stick to your assigned discussion group, as your discussion leader is tailoring the lessons according to your needs as he or she knows you best. Do not skip your own discussion group to join another group, as your attendance will not be counted in such case.

Missing an Assessment

Weightage of a CA component is not allowed to be transfered to the examination.

If you miss a major assessment with valid reason, you can sit for a make-up assessment. Please submit document (such as a medical certificate) of proof to your lecturer as soon as it is available, or no later than 72 hours after the assessment, after which it is deemed that you forfeit your make-up assessment.

Late Submission of Assignments

Submission deadline of assignments must be strictly adhered to and late submission without valid reason will not be accepted.

Invalid reasons include "I forgot the deadline", "I tried to submit my lab five minutes before the deadline but the system was too slow", "my clock and the school's clock were not synchronised", and "CodeCrunch doesn't work on my computer". You are informed of the deadline well ahead of time, and you should not submit your programs in the last minute. If CodeCrunch does not work on your home computer or notebook, you should submit your assignment using the computer in school.


We permit and encourage healthy discussion among students. However, you must draw the line between discussion and plagiarism (copying of other's work or taking credit for a piece of work that is not original).

The university does not condone plagiarism. If detected, both the party who copied and the party who had permitted the copying will be penalised equally.

Please refer to Plagiarism site for more information.
These seemingly 'harsh' policies and rules are to be seen in the right light. In a small class, we do not need to spell these out explicitly as we can easily monitor the situation. However, for a big class like CS1010, we need these policies to maintain uniformity and fairness as much as we can, and to ensure the smooth running of the course. If everybody cooperates, your lecturers and discussion leaders will be relieved of the unnecessary administrative tasks and hence can devote more quality time on you.

However, this is not a one-way traffic. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Just drop us an email or pop by our offices for a chat.
Last updated: 10 July 2017