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AY2017/8 Semester 2
Module Information - Schedules

Please refer to IVLE Lesson Plan for most details

NUS Class Time-Table:

Please see NUS Class Time-Table. (Explanation)
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SoC Course Schedule:

Course Schedule.


Lectures and discussion sessions are held in the programming labs (PL1-6) and ESLab2 in COM1 building, or the workstation labs (WSLab1-3) in ICUBE (I3) building. Please refer to the following links:

Lecture Plan:

This is a summary. For more details, please go to the Lectures page which includes the slides.

Note that the lecture plan is subject to changes.

Week Lecture Topics
1 Computational Thinking
2 CS1010 Computing Environment
Algorithmic Problem Solving
3 Overview of C Programming
4 Top Down Design and Function
Problem Solving with Selection and Repetition Statements
5 Problem Solving with Selection and Repetition Statements (cont.)
Random Numbers
6 Searching and Sorting
Multi-dimensional Arrays
7 UNIX I/O Redirection
Testing and Debugging
8 Pointers and Functions with Pointer Parameters
9 Characters and Strings
10 Recursion
11 Structures
12 File Processing
13 From C to Java

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