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AY2017/8 Semester 1
Module Information - Staff


Aaron Tan Mr Aaron Tan (Module Coordinator)
Office: COM1-03-12
Email: tantc @ comp.nus.edu.sg

Gary Tan A/P Tan Soon Huat, Gary
Office: COM2-03-50
Email: gtan @ comp.nus.edu.sg

Discussion Leaders (DLs):

To be updated. (Note that DLs' email addresses given here are @u.nus.edu)
Cai Zhuohong
Mr Cai Zhuohong
Discussion group: T05
Email: a0109706
   Chia Kah Sheng, Ellery
Mr Chia Kah Sheng, Ellery
Discussion group: T09
Email: e0032062
   Johannes Choo Ern Ern
Mr Johannes Choo Ern Ern
Discussion group: C04
Email: jchoo
Koo Chin Chye
Mr Koo Chin Chye
Discussion group: C07
Email: e0032217
   Kushagra Goyal
Mr Kushagra Goyal
Discussion group: C1A
Email: e0072556
   Kyle Timothy Ng Chu
Mr Kyle Timonthy Ng Chu
Discussion group: C02
Email: e0031318
Lee Yan Hwa
Ms Lee Yan Hwa
Discussion group: T11
Email: e0004806
   Lee Yong Ler
Mr Lee Yong Ler
Discussion group: C08
Email: e0036736
   Liao Chuxin
Ms Liao Chuxin
Discussion group: C03
Email: chuxin.liao
Maddi Aadyaa
Ms Maddi Aadyaa
Discussion group: T12
Email: aadyaa
   Ng Shaohui
Mr Ng Shaohui
Discussion group: T02
Email: e0003518
   Ng Tzer Bin
Mr Ng Tzer Bin
Discussion group: T01
Email: e0032140
Ronak Lakhotia
Mr Ronak Lakhotia
Discussion group: C1B
Email: e0072498
   Sashankh Chengavalli Kumar
Mr Sashankh Chengavalli Kumar
Discussion group: T03
Email: cksashankh
   Shradheya Thakre
Mr Shradheya Thakre
Discussion group: T04
Email: e0072573
Sun Lixin
Mr Sun Lixin
Discussion group: T08
Email: sunlixin
   Tay Wan Feng, Stanley
Mr Tay Wan Feng, Stanley
Discussion group: T10
Email: e0014203
   Wayne Neo Wei Zhe
Mr Wayne Neo Wei Zhe
Discussion group: T07
Email: wzneo
Wong Peng Fai, Shannon
Mr Wong Peng Fai, Shannon
Discussion group: C06
Email: e0031677
   Yash Chowdhary
Mr Yash Chowdhary
Discussion group: T13
Email: e0112250
   Yim Chia Hui
Mr Yim Chia Hui
Discussion group: T06
Email: e0003264
Zachary Tang Tjun Chii
Mr Zachary Tang Tjun Chii
Discussion group: C05
Email: e0031678


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Last updated: 10 August 2017