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AY2017/8 Semester 1
Continual Assessment - Discussion Sessions


Discussion sessions are small-group weekly 2-hour sessions (beginning in week 3) where your discussion leader (DL) guides you on the finer points of programming. As a mentor, your DL scrutinises and grades your lab assignments, points out areas for improvement, and sets class exercises to stimulate and challenge your learning. Be friend with your DL and do not hesitate to consult him or her.

Conducted in a lab setting, discussion sessions provide further opportunity for you to hone your programming skills. Discussion sessions are hence important learning sessions, and we urge you not to miss them. As your DL is the one who knows your strengths and weaknesses, who tailors the materials according to your needs, we also urge you to stick to your officially assigned discussion group throughout the semester.

Attendance for discussion sessions will be taken. Unless otherwise stated, you do not need to submit your work for grading.

Please participate actively during your discussion sessions. Outside class, do continue to participate in the IVLE online forums.

We do not usually provide answers to questions. As programming is a self-learning and self-verification process, we hope you do not rely on others for answers. There are so many ways to write a program, so providing an answer may give you the false impression that it is the only correct way to write the program.

CS1010 is a practical course so the more practice you get, the better programmer you become. Work out more exercises on your own, either from the textbook or elsewhere.

You may check out the Staff webpage for the list of CS1010 discussion leaders.

Discussion Questions

Please prepare your answers before you attend the discussion session. Discussion sessions start in Week 3.
Week Topics Questions Selected Answers
3 Computational Thinking/Algorithms
Remember to submit your Lab #0 before your discussion session as your discussion leader (DL) will check in class.
File File
4 C Basics and Functions File | programs File | programs
5 Selection Statements and Repetition Statements Questions | programs | Q8d answer File | programs
6 One-dimensional Arrays Questions | programs File | programs
7 Two-dimensional Arrays Questions | programs File | programs
8 Searchin and Sorting Questions | Insertion Sort (slides) | programs File | programs
9 Pointers and Functions with Pointer Parameters Questions | programs File | programs
10 Characters and Strings Questions | programs File | programs
11 Recursion Questions | programs File | programs
12 Structures Questions | programs File | programs
13 File Processing and Revision Questions | programs File | programs

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