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AY2017/8 Semester 2
Continual Assessment - Practical Exam (PE)


Practical Exam (PE) is an important assessment for this module. It tests your ability to solve and program a few tasks within the stipulated time.

There are two practical exams, both open-book. They constitute 30% of your final grade.

The best way to prepare for PE is to have a lot of practice.

Preparing for PE

Past Papers

Note that instructions for PE vary from semester to semester.

Past years' papers (Other modules)

Note that CS1101 is in Java and hence some of the PEs below are based on Java programming. The purpose here is to show you the kind of questions you might expect.

Note also that instructions for PE vary from semester to semester.

  • Instructions | AY2008/9 Semester 1 | Ex1: Selected test data | Ex2: Selected test data

  • Instructions | AY2007/8 Semester 1 | DistanceEstimator.class | UnknownLocationException.class

  • AY2006/7 Semester 1

  • AY2005/6 Semester 1

  • AY2004/5 Semester 1

  • AY2001/2 Semester 2 CS1101C PE

  • AY1998/9 Semester 1 CS1101C PE

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