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Placement Exam for CS1010/CS1010E


To provide SoC incoming freshmen with prior programming experience with an option of obtaining exemption from CS1010/CS1010E Programming Methodology module.

By taking this placement exam, candidates who obtain at least the cut-off grade will be exempted from CS1010 or equivalent modules.


The placement exam takes the form of a two-hour closed-book written paper of comparable level of difficulty as a regular CS1010 examination. Calculators are not allowed.

(Note that the regular CS1010 examination is an open-book paper, whereas this placement exam is closed-book.)

Grading Policies

Candidates who have proved a high level of programming competency in the placement exam will be given 4 modular credits for CS1010 (hence getting exemption from taking CS1010 or equivalent modules).


The CS1010 module introduces the fundamental concepts of problem solving by computing and programming using an imperative programming language. It is the first and foremost introductory course to computing. It is also the first part of a three-part series on introductory programming and problem solving by computing, which also includes CS1020 and CS2010.

The programming language covered is C.

Topics covered include problem solving by computing, writing pseudo-codes, basic problem formulation and problem solving, program development, coding, testing and debugging, fundamental programming constructs (variables, types, expressions, assignments, functions, control structures, etc.), fundamental data structures: arrays, strings and structures, simple file processing, and basic recursion.

(Module descriptions for all SoC modules are available on the SoC Undergraduates website.)


Your may refer to this page for the lecture notes.

Sample Placement Exam Papers

The following is the placement exam paper of AY2014/2015: Paper.


For enquiries on administrative matters, please send to bcomp@comp.nus.edu.sg. Please include the subject "CS1010 Placement Exam" in your email.

For enquiries concerning the contents of the placement exam, please send to Dr. Henry Chia at hchia _at_ comp.nus.edu.sg.

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