CS3233: Competitive Programming
(Spring 2004)

General Information

Useful Books:

  • Textbook:

  • Recommended Books:

  • Assessment:

  • 50% Homework -- 13 sets (one per week)
  • 40% Contests -- 4 contests (Weeks 4, 7, 10, 13)
  • 10% Presentations

  • Bonus Points can be earned... (to be announced in class)

  • Homework:


    The contests will be done in the lab (Computation Lab 1) and can be 1 or 2 hours. We shall use our Local Online Judge for this purpose. In Week 10 (13-March), we will use the NOI (National Olympiad in Informations) competition as one of our contests. It will be done between 9am -- 1pm (instead of the regular time.) The last contest will be held during Week 13.


    Each student is expected to give presentations on solving a problem that they have correctly solved. The presentations should not just focus on the final code, but on the ideas behind the solution, the approach, and data structures used, and why they are used. They should also include (where possible) approaches that do NOT work. It is also good to include some code segments (where appropriate) to illustrate good short-cuts or creative programming techniques used in the solution.

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