Background Information Sheet

CS3233: Competitive Programming

Background Information Sheet

I am collecting information on your relevant background as well as your own goals/objectives in taking the course. I will use these info to help me steer the direction of the course, Your input will be helpful in letting me set the pace of the course.
These information will be kept confidential and will NOT affect your grades in any way.

Name:________________________________ How your friends call you:_____________________
Matric No:____________ Major:____________________
NUS-email:______________________ Spanish Judge ID:____________________

Prior Participation in Programming Competitions:
(Please tell me your past experiences with programming comptetiions. Please give dates, places, etc.)
  • I was in ACM competition in _______ representing ______________
  • I was in an IOI team in year _______ representing ______________

  • Past Relevant Training in Programming Competitions:
    (Please tell me about any relevant training for prog competitions that you have undergone before. Please give dates, places, etc.)

  • Things I hope to achieve by taking this course:
    (Please rank them starting from 1 (most important)...)
  • _____ I want to be in an ACM Team
  • _____ I just love to program
  • _____ I want to be a good problem solver
  • _____ I aim to do researh in algorithms
  • _____ I need an easy course this semester
  • _____ Others (please state)

  • Any other Comments for Instructor:
    (Please feel free to add your comments here.)

    Background Info Sheet; Jan 2004