All Time Best    
Full-View Spherical Mosaic
Rain Removal in Video
Best 2011 Projects    
Keypoint Matching
Foreground-Background Separation
for Surveillance Video
Best 2010 Projects    
Tracking over Non-overlapping Cameras
Best 2007 Projects    
Face Tracking with
Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
Chess Vision
Active Color Compensation
Best 2006 Projects    
GPU-based Image Registration
Object Tracking in Video
Online Object Recognition
Best 2005 Projects    
Rain Removal in Video
Reverse Video
Texture Synthesis
Best 2004 Projects    
Video in Video
Full-View Spherical Mosaic
Dynamic Mosaic
Best 2003 Projects    
All-Round Panorama
Segmentation of Pyramids
Best 2002 Projects    
Tracking Rotating Object
Square Puzzle
Image Mosaicking

Last update:8 May 2011