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Library of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms (LEDA) is a software library that implements many data types and algorithms frequently used in combinatorial computing. LEDA is now a commercial product that is marketed and supported by Algorithmic Solutions' homepage ( Detailed API as well as other documentations are also available. A student version for academic purposes can be purchased for EUR$49. The version we (NUS-SoC) have is an old version that is free for academic purposes.

LEDA Resources in SOC

In SoC's servers, we use a much older version (v4.1) of LEDA that is free for academic purposes (current version of LEDA is 5.1.1, as of Feb 2007). As such, we make available the manual for v4.1 on this web-site.

LEDA 4.1 Manual

Using LEDA on SoC machines

How to compile a LEDA program on a UN*X system

Where to get help on LEDA...

LEDA Info Page (updated: Oct 2007)
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