CS6234: Advanced Algorithms
School of Computing, National University of Singapore
(Spring Sememster 2009)

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  • 15-Apr-2009 (Wed) --- Updates on Project Deliverables...
    Sorry, I forgot to upload the updated project page with details on how to submit the project deliverables!!!
    Please submit the hard-copy report to my office.
    Submit the soft copy of the deliverables (report, research papers, program code and data, and other stuffs) by 17-Apr.
    Also, I have cancelled Poster Session... see details in Project page...

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  • Course Overview (ppt)

  • Lecture

  • About the Mid-Term Exam (20%)

  • Reading/Presentation Assignment (30%) -- [updated!]

  • Project (50%)

  • Your Choices of Topics for Presentation and Project (and Tentative Schedule!)

  • IVLE Page -- | here | (Check here for Roster and Workbin...)

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Cattywampus?
  • Writing with Proper Style -- Elements of Style by Strunk and White
  • How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science, by Ian Parberry. (also in [ps])
  • How to be a Good Graduate Student in a US research based university.
    Note: Although this article is based on a US PhD programme, which is slightly different from that in NUS, most of the points made in this article about motivation, attitude, research process are very similar. This article can provide a good starting reference point for beginning graduate students.

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