Ph.D. Students

At the National University of Singapore

Completed PhDs

Ratul Saha (thesis Quantitative Model Checking of Distributed Probabilistic Systems; co-supervised with P.S. Thiagarajan)

Jia Yongpo (thesis Multi-Source Learning from Social Network Data)

Marc Sven Brünink (thesis Analyzing the Behavior of Deployed Software)

Current Students

Liu Ye (user attribute learning from social media and ubiquitous sensors)

Yamilet Rosario Serrano Llerena (probabilistic verification of perturbed MDPs)

Nirandika Wanigasekara (context-aware search for the Internet-of-Things)

Thilina Thanthriwatta (context-aware recommendation systems)

Ouyang Kun (privacy-preserving generation of mobility traces)

At University College London

Completed PhDs

Jorge Ortega Arjona (thesis Architectural Patterns for Parallel Programming—Models for Performance Estimation)

Genaina Nunes Rodrigues (thesis A Model Driven Approach for Software Reliability Prediction)

Letícia Duboc (thesis A Framework for the Characterization and Analysis of Software Systems Scalability)

Costin Raiciu (thesis ROAR: Increasing the Flexibility and Performance of Distributed Search)

Michele Sama (thesis Context-Driven Methodologies for Context-Aware and Adaptive Systems)

Fokion Zervoudakis (thesis Cascading Verification: An Integrated Method for Domain- Specific Model Checking)

Panagiotis Papakos (thesis Volare Mobile Context-aware Adaptation for the Cloud)

Last updated 12 March 2018