Ph.D. Students

At the National University of Singapore

Current Students

Marc Brünink (scalability testing)

Jia Yongpo (data analytics for social media)

Liu Ye (activity recognition for ubiquitous computing)

Yamilet Rosario Serrano Llerena (probabilistic verification)

Nirandika Wanigasekara (context-aware search)

At University College London

Completed PhDs

Jorge Ortega Arjona (architecture-based performance estimation of parallel programs)

Genaina Nunes Rodrigues (scenario-driven architecture based reliability prediction)

Letícia Duboc (scalability in software systems engineering)

Costin Raiciu (novel distributed search infrastructures)

Michele Sama (testing and analysis of ubiquitous computing systems)

Fokion Zervoudakis (certification of complex UAV missions)

Panagiotis Papakos (cloud-based services for mobile systems)

Last updated 12 May 2015