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Query and View the Discovered Rules Using the Tree Viewer:

The module allows the user to find and view the rules that interest him/her via a tree representation of the discovered rules. In the following screens, we load in 1182 rules from the german credit dataset. We represent the rules in a tree, 'A' stands for attribute, 'Vc' and 'V' for the value under the attribute. 'Vc' means that there's a class after this attribute value, and 'V' means that there are more conditions before reaching a class.

The main advantage of this representation is that the user can choose his/her targeted attribute value pair, and search for the rules/itemsets related to it. A powerful conjunctive search algorithm is also provided for the user to query the discovered rules. In this case, the user first specifies a number of attribute value pairs that he/she is interested in and put them into the query list. The system will then find all the rules that have these attribute value pairs and display them using a tree. We can also use "*" to express all the values under a particular attribute. This feature facilitates the user to drill down to find the rules that interest him/her easily and convienently.


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