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The Main Screen of CBA:

The following is the CBA's main interface. All the main functions can be seen from this interface. The top four selectors are for different mining tasks. The flow of the CBA data mining is a top-down process. Whenever you have data to mine, you should check the data consistency by using the data cleaner. If there're any continuous attribute, you should pass it to data discretizor for discretization. You could also try to use feature selection to reduce the number of attributes.

After preprocessing (data cleaner, discretizer etc.), you are ready for mining. The main mining engine is "Start Mining". You can also use the cross validation to test the classifier. Using cross validation, discrtization is done automatically.

When you have your rules discovered by the mining engine, you can view them in the normal text window or from a tree visulizer. You can also perform tests on the rules (mainly for classification).

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