The below positions are filled; please do no longer respond to the below advertisement. Frank Stephan

Two Research Fellow Positions at National University of Singapore

The researchers Frank Stephan (, Yang Yue ( and Sanjay Jain ( want to hire on their grant Effective representations of algebraic structures two research fellows in the areas of Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science.

Job Title: The job title of each position is Research Fellow.

Job duration: The expected starting date is 1 April 2017. The duration of the job is approximately 2.5 years and can not run longer than the duration of the grant (which terminates 31 January 2020).

Job Description: Mathematical research in the areas of recursion theory, inductive inference, model theory and effective algebra; the applicant is expected do research and write papers inline with the research programme approved by the MOE for these positions. The applicant should also be able to present the results found at scientific conferences.

Job requirements: Good knowledge of mathematics in general and the research areas above in particular. Prior publications and a PhD in mathematical logic or theoretical computer science are expected. The applicant should know at least some of the research areas of recursion theory, inductive inference, model theory and effective algebra and should be able to work in new areas of research.

Minimum Years of Experience: The applicant should have at least 3 years of experience in research; research done as masters or PhD student counts towards this requirement.

Salary range: The salary is between SGD 4000 per month and SGD 5500 per month, depending on the applicants prior experience.

Applications received before 15 January 2017 will be given full consideration.

Qualification: PhD in Mathematics or Computer Science (preferrably in mathematical logic or theoretical computer science).

Contact and application material: Please apply to Frank Stephan at with copy to Yang Yue at by email; for the application, please use a ps-files or pdf-file. The application should include a short overview of the research, the list of publications, the qualifications obtained so far and prior work experience. Furthermore, please ask for three letters of reference to be sent to the above mentioned email addresses.