National University of Singapore

Short Bio

I am currently a reseach assistant in Interactive & Digital Media Institute (IDMI)and Ph.D candidate in School of Computing, National University of Singapore, supervised by Prof. Mun Choon CHAN.

My research interest covers mobile computing, indoor localization, sound ranging and context computing.

Before joining SoC, I obtained my bachelor degree (B.E.) in computer science from Zhejiang University. Currently I am a member of the Communication and Internet Research Lab (CIRL).



• [Mobiquitous’16] Hande Hong, Chengwen Luo, Mun Choon Chan. SocialProbe: Understanding Social Interaction Through Passive WiFi Monitoring.In the 13th Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services, 2016. (Acceptance rate: 29.8%, CCF C)

• [JNCA'17] Chengwen Luo, Long Cheng, Hande Hong, Kartik Sankaran, Mun Choon Chan, Jianqiang Li, Zhong Ming From mapping to indoor semantic queries: Enabling zero-effort indoor environmental sensing. Journal of Network and Computer Applications,2017

• [JNCA'16] Chengwen Luo, Hande Hong,Long Cheng, Mun Choon Chan. Accuracy-aware Wireless Indoor
Localization: Feasibility and Applications
. Journal of Network and Computer Applications,2016

• [SECON'15] Chengwen Luo, Hande Hong, Long Cheng, Kartik Sankaran, Mun Choon Chan. iMap: Automatic Inference of Indoor Semantics Exploiting Opportunistic Smartphone Sensing, In the 12th IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication and Networking. Seattle, USA. (Acceptance rate: 28.3%).

• [IPSN'14] Chengwen Luo, Hande Hong, Mun Choon Chan. PiLoc: A Self-Calibrating Participatory
Indoor Localization System
. Berlin, Germany. (Acceptance rate: 20.7%)


• [ICNP’16] Xiangfa Guo, Hande Hong, Mun Choon Chan, Li-Shiuan Peh. Poster Abstract: Long-Term Observation With Passive Wi-Fi Scanning.ICNP2016, Singapore

• [MobiSys’16 Companion] Hande Hong, Chengwen Luo, Mun Choon Chan. Poster: Understanding Social Relationship Using Passive WiFi Scanning.MobiSys’16 Companion,2016, Singapore

• [IPSN'14] Chengwen Luo, Hande Hong, Mun Choon Chan. Automatic Radio Map Construction Exploiting Annotated Walking Trajectories (Demo). Berlin, Germany. (Best Demo Award - 2nd Runner Up)


• TA for CS4222 Wireless Networking,2016-2017 Semester two

• TA for CS2105 Introduction to Network,2014-2015 Semester two

• TA for CS2105 Introduction to Network,2014-2015 Semester one

Professional Activities


• Reviewer, VTC2017-Spring

• Reviewer, IEEE SmartGridComm 2016

• Reviewer, IEEE JSAC Special Issue on Human-In-The-Loop Mobile Networks 2016