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vWant:Unsupervised Crowd Preferred Multimedia Streaming (VWant Poster)

Automatic Radio Map Construction Exploiting Annotated Walking Trajectories (PiLoc Poster)

Accuracy-aware Localization And Automatic Inference Of Indoor Semantic (Imap Poster)

Social Interaction Reconstruction Through Passive WiFi Probe Scanning (SocialProbe Poster)

PiLoc Website

PiLoc server URL

Android Apk for PiLoc PiLoc.apk

Android demo program for PiLoc_CS4222

Assignment Document for PiLoc_CS4222 CS4222-PA2-AY2014-15-Sem2.pdf


Cloud-enabled webapp development service (cloud platform building guide)

- The objective is to build a cloud-enabled web application development service system
- The Platform includes five parts: Apache-tomcat-cluster, MySQL-LVS-cluster, Application interface, monitor system, and admin system
- More attention pays on the high-availability, balancing request
- The application interface is designed to improve the degree of automation, including code deployment, version control, and server scalability.
- Two kinds of eclipse plugin template are provided to help the programmers get the most convenience.

Intelligent Transport System

- Focused on simulation of the traffic condition on road as well as controlling the vehicles by traffic signal, aimed at relieving the pressure of heavy traffic.
- Simulate the Wuxi city’s traffic condition with more than 1400 nodes, more than 1800 road on the digital map.
- My main contribution was to add interface to simulate different region, variety of density, and also design 3 vehicle generating methods (random, time-based and region) as well as its path generating approaches (random, Dijkstra shortest and improved shortest).