Update as of Saturday, August 1, 2009 3:17:30 PM SGT. I recently bought a new MBP 13" from my research funds to support my own computing needs. I'm updating this page to share with you what I've done. My original G4 Powerbook install list is still below.

MacBook Pro 13" 2.2GHz

  1. Fix network settings and printer settings for SoC. See ooiwt's notes as well as others on the net about how to do Printing to Windows via Samba.
  2. Install
    1. Office 2008 (comes prebundled but you get to install it). Subsuquently removed Entourage (I use gmail) and MSN Messenger (Adium is a better client)
    2. Adobe Creative Suite CS4 - this has got to be the most Windows like install process. Yuck. Crashed in the middle when I was doing too many other things.
  3. Download and install
    1. VLC, Quicksilver, Adium, Firefox
    2. Xcode (gives cvs, svn and dashcode)
    3. python, ruby and rails already come installed with OSX Leopard. Less work for me =)
    4. mysql
    5. MacTex for latex support
  4. Configure
    1. quicksilver hot key activation (I use ctrl-command-space)
    2. turning root user on
    3. trackpad tap for mouse click
    4. apache httpd under web sharing
    5. desktop wall paper to be something less power consuming (white wallpaper eats battery life)
    6. Terminal color scheme to be less battery hungry (green on black old skool terminal)
    7. Getting default profile from my suna profile.
  5. Update
    1. Run all MS Office apps after any font install, as it will have to go through the "Optimizing fonts" dance others have complained about.
    2. gems for ruby. sudo gem update
    3. iTunes library from G4 via ext hard drive. Had to re-add all tunes from the library. Takes a long time.
  6. Learn better mouse and trackpad gestures. Nice support, rotation and pinching and three finger nav.

Powerbook G4

A listing of things that I had to do to configure my Powerbook G4 for the SoC environment.

  1. Fix network settings in Network Preferences (see ooiwt's notes)
  2. Download and install:
    1. StuffIt Expander
    2. Cyberduck
    3. VLC
    4. iBackup
    5. MacCVS
    6. Quicksilver
    7. Firefox
    8. Adium
    9. Aqua Build of Emacs
    10. Xcode 2.2 (developer tool kit for MacOS X)
  3. Fix keyboard auto repeat, enable touchpad scrolling (neat!) & click.
  4. Fix tabbing in Firefox - done (google "tabindex firefox macos" look for Sidesh0w's blog)
  5. Fix remote emacs key binding for backspace/delete (in Terminal's windows preferences)
  6. Port profile from sf0
  7. Port emacs initialization, recompile byte-compiled files
  8. Fix printing at home (to fixed IP address HP 5m)
  9. Fixed printing at school (see Ooiwt's instructions)
  10. Fix CVS to work (set CVS_RSH to ssh)
  11. Install and try out iDupe for getting rid of duplicate tracks in iTunes
  12. Reinstall VPNclient from Cisco website
  13. Midikeys (for Garageband :-D)

In progress

Min-Yen Kan <kanmy@comp.nus.edu.sg>
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