CS3242-3D Modeling and Animation

CS3242: 3D Modeling and Animation
(Spring 2015)(or equivalently Semester 2, Academic Year 2014/2015 since we are on the equator :-)





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This module aims to provide fundamental concepts in 3D modeling and animation. It also serves as a bridge to advanced media modules. After taking this module, students should be able to use these concepts to easily build or work with digital models, manipulate the models by means of computer deformation and animation. Topics include coordinate spaces, transforms, 3D model representations, hierarchical structures, deformation, procedural modelling, particle systems and mass-spring systems, character animation, and motion capture.



Course Staff

Principal Instructor: KangKang Yin
Guest Lecturer: Nelson Lim from LucasFilm Singapore
Teaching Assistants: Binh-Son Hua <huabinhs@comp.nus.edu.sg>

Course Schedule (tentative, subject to change, check regularly)

Recommended books: (a) "Fundamentals of Computer Graphics", Peter Shirley, Michael Ashikhmin, Steve Marscher. (b) Geometric Modeling Based on Polygonal Meshes (c)"Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques (second edition)", Rick Parent. The first edition of this book is available online here

Date Lecture Topics Lab Content Assignments Additional Resources
13 Jan

Review: Coordinates and Transformations


Siggraph on YouTube
Graphics Papers on the Web
Graphics Gems

Industry: Disney Pixar DreamWorks Imageworks Lucasfilm Weta Double Negative ScanlineVFX Autodesk NaturalMotion Massive Vicon Motion Analysis Organic Motion Wii Kinect EONReality

20 Jan

3D Object Representations


Artec 3D Scanners
Subdivision Surfaces

27 Jan

Polygonal Meshes

Lab1: Maya Introduction
(download lab material from IVLE)


3 Feb

Geometry Processing I

Maya Basics Programming Assignment I Out

Progressive Meshes
Surface simplification using quadric error metrics

10 Feb

Geometry Processing II



Princeton 3D Model Search Engine

17 Feb Particle Systems

Particle Systems, Soft Bodies


Differential Equation Basics
Particle System Dynamics
Particle Animation and Rendering
Particle Systems

24 Feb

Recess Week: no class

3 Mar

3D Rotations, Rigid Body Systems

Character Modeling
(Maya Assignment I)

Programming Assignment I Due

Animating rotation with quaternion curves

Rigid Body Simulation I
Rigid Body Simulation II
Webots ODE PhysX Bullet DStar PhysBam Newton

10 Mar

e-learning week: Motion Capture (webcast)

Maya Animation Basics
(take-home lab)

Maya Assignment I Due

CMU Mocap Database  NUSMocap  HDM05

our classmate Lim Cheng Chong's Mocap Vlog on YouTube

17 Mar

Forward and Inverse Kinematics

Animation by Mocap
(Maya Assignment II)

Programming Assignment II Out

Introduction to inverse kinematics(Code)
Posing with millions of example poses
Interactive Motion Editing

24 Mar

Keyframe Animation
and Interpolation

Assignment Review I


Principles of traditional animation applied to 3D computer animation
The cartoon animation filter

31 Mar


Character Animation

Maya Assignment II Due

Pose space deformation
Skinning with dual quaternions
Realtime performance-based facial animation

7 Apr


Skinning Programming Assignment II Due

A survey of spatial deformation
Deformation Transfer

Data-Driven Simulation Methods in Computer Graphics:
Cloth, Tissue and Faces

14 Apr

Guest Lecture
(Nelson Lim from LucasFilm Singapore)

Assignment Review II  

LucasFilm Singapore

21 Apr

Reading Week: no class
Office Hours for Q&A

5 May

Final Exam
5 MAY 5-7pm, SOC SR3

  Final Exam