CS5343-Advanced Computer Animation

CS5343: Advanced Computer Animation
(Spring 2012)(or equivalently Semester 2, Academic Year 2011/2012 since we are on the equator :-)




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From the covert digital water in Titanic to the mixed real and virtual actors in Avatar, from the arm-controllable Wii games to the completely full-body-play Xbox Kinect games, computer animation technologies have advanced significantly during the past decades, both in the movie and the game industries. This module reveals all the exciting behind-the-scenes techniques that made these movies and games possible, including but not limited to motion capture, fluid animation, facial animation, and full-body character animation. This is a project-based course that aims to provide strong foundation on advanced computer animation methods and prepare students for research in animation.  

Senior undergraduate students and graduate students are both welcome. Sample topics that will be covered include particle and rigid body systems; fluid animation; hair and facial animation; full-body human-like character animation. Techniques that will be discussed include keyframe animation; motion capture; kinematic motion synthesis and editing; dynamic motion simulation and control. Prerequisite courses are undergraduate level Calculus and Physics, Linear Algebra, and Computer Graphics. You need to be comfortable with Math if you want to excel in this course.


Learning Outcome

The students will

The movie and game industry has strong presence in Singapore, in addition to many local studios:
Lucasfilm  Electronic Arts  Double Negative  Ubisoft  Egg Story MovingBits

Publication venues for animation research:
Siggraph  Eurographics  SCA   Motion in Games  CHI  Pacific Graphics I3D

Some cool confereces you wanna check out:

Course Staff

Principal Instructor: KangKang Yin
Guest Instructor: Terence Sim
Teaching Assistants: Stevie Giovanni: steviegiovanni at gmail ...


Registered students will be able to access these gadgets for your term project:
KinectEmotive Bioloid Aldebaran Vicon

Course Schedule (tentative, subject to change, check regularly)

Recommended Textbook: "Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques (second edition)", Rick Parent. The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics. The first edition of this book is available online here.

Date Topics Resources and Recommended Reading
13 Jan

Introduction to computer animation:
history, taxonomy, and demos

Siggraph on YouTube
Graphics Papers on the Web
Graphics Gems

Industry: Disney Pixar DreamWorks Imageworks Lucasfilm Weta Double Negative ScanlineVFX Autodesk NaturalMotion Massive Vicon Motion Analysis Organic Motion Wii Kinect EONReality 

Principles of traditional animation applied to 3D computer animation

20 Jan

Kinematic animaton I:
3D rotations, forward kinematics

Animating rotation with quaternion curves
Practical Parameterization of Rotations
The cartoon animation filter

27 Jan

Kinematic animaton II:
inverse kinematics(linear algebra and calculus revisit), interpolation

Introduction to inverse kinematics(Code)
Posing with millions of example poses
Interactive Motion Editing

3 Feb

Physics-based animation I:
particle systems, mass-spring systems

Differential Equation Basics
Particle System Dynamics
Particle Animation and Rendering
Particle Systems

10 Feb

Motion capture, skeletal animation, skinning

CMU Mocap Database  NUSMocap  HDM05

Pose space deformation
Skinning with dual quaternions
Realtime performance-based facial animation

17 Feb

Physics-based animation II:
rigid body systems, articulated rigid bodies,
forward and inverse dynamics,
project discussion

Rigid Body Simulation
Constrained Dynamics
Linear-time dynamics using Lagrange multipliers

Webots ODE PhysX Bullet DStar PhysBam Newton

24 Feb

Recess Week: no class; Motion Capture labs

2 Mar

Character animation and biped control

Animating human athletics
Generalized Biped Walking Control   Cartwheel 3D
LocoTest (paper and code)

9 Mar

Physics-based animation III:
collision detection and contact handling, crowd simulation

Collision Detection and Proximity Queries
Recent Advances in Collision Computations
A Distributed Behavioral Model

16 Mar

Guest Lecture by Dr. Terence Sim: face modeling&animation

Free-form deformation
A survey of spatial deformation
Simulation of Skeleton-driven Deformable Body Characters

23 Mar

Fluid animation:
water, sand, smoke

Realistic Animation of Liquids
Stable Fluids
Visual Simulation of Smoke
Animating sand as a fluid

30 Mar

Animation interfaces, alternative motion capture techniques

Motion capturing cartoons
Sand Canvas
Motion doodles
Mocap using a time-of-flight camera
Articulated Mesh Animation

6 Apr

Good Friday: class cancelled


13 Apr

Final project presentation and demonstration (6:30-9:30pm)

20 Apr

Reading Week: no class

27 Apr

Final project submission deadline: 6pm to IVLE
(please include the final report, video demos, and compilable source code into one zip file, with a filename that has your name in it)