Third International Workshop on Malay and Indonesian Language Engineering

Singapore, 2 August 2009


The Third International MALINDO Workshop (MALINDO2009)
2 August 2009

MALINDO is an offical ACL-IJCNLP 2009 co-located event


A considerable amount of research has been done on the processing of Indonesian and Malaysian languages offering a variety of Computational Linguistics (CL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) resources (dictionaries, thesauri, monolingual/parallel corpora, etc.), tools (morphological analysers/generators, stemmers, spelling checkers, syntactic parsers, etc.) and applications (machine translation, information extraction, information retrieval systems, etc.). All these valuable language resources, tools, and services are most of the time ignored by the public and often not known by the researchers and students working on these languages. This third MALINDO Workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners, representing different perspectives, to share and to exchange their ideas on the processing of Indonesian and Malaysian languages. Thus, the organisers of the workshop wants to highlight the effort and promising works done on the processing of Indonesian and Malaysian languages in order to attract more students to the CL and NLP fields and also to let all the NLP communities in this World to be aware of their existence.

Prospective authors are invited to submit unpublished papers on any topic that is of interest to the processing of Malaysian and Indonesian languages and its broad applications, for presentation at the workshop and publication in the proceedings.

The workshop will be of interest to anyone working on the processing - from the computational and theoretical point of view - of Indonesian and Malay languages.


The topics of the papers are requested to be in all areas related to the processing - computational and theoretical point of view - of Malaysian and Indonesian languages.

* Language resources development, acquisition, annotation,
and representation: dictionaries, thesauri, terminology, lexicons,
written and spoken corpora, grammars, ontology

* CL and NLP tools and techniques: spelling/grammatical/style checkers,
morphological analyser, stemmer, lemmatiser, part of speech tagger,
chunker, syntactic parser, word sense disambiguator, discourse
processing, text and speech alignment, text and speech segmentation,
term extraction and recognition, named entity extraction,

* CL and NLP applications: machine translation and translation aids,
information retrieval, information extraction, text summarisation,
term extraction, natural language generation, question translation
aids, information retrieval, information extraction, text
summarization, term extraction, natural language generation, question
answering, document categorization, language identification, speech
recognition, speech synthesis, character recognition, e-learning,


submission deadline: 1 May 2009 New deadline: 10 May 2009
notification: 1 June 2009 8 June 2009
camera-ready: 7 June 2009 15 June 2009
Registration fee due: 30 June, 2008 (early bird)
Workshop dates: 2 August 2009


- Upload your submission in PDF or MSWord format at

- Submission should be at most 8000 words. We suggest to authors
to use IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript Formatting



The MALINDO Workshop is organised by the National University of Singapore (NUS, Singapore, Republic of Singapore), Universitas Indonesia (UI, Jakarta, Indonesia), and Multimedia University (MMU, Cyberjaya-Malacca, Malaysia)


Send your questions and queries to the organisers at malindo at

Please forward this message to anyone whom you think may have an interest in the workshop.


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