The International Conference on

Multi-Media Modeling

An annual conference held since 1993

MMM Conference

Aims of MMM Conference

The world is inherently complex and multimedia in nature. Recent advances in computing, networking and multimedia technologies have facilitated the construction of large and complex multimedia systems To fully comprehend the complexity of such undertakings, proper modeling of multimedia information and systems must be carried out.

The models should address three important aspects of multimedia systems -- systems and technologies, contents and users.

(1) At systems and technology level, the model provides high-level abstractions of systems, and permits the desirable properties of the system to be extracted and analyzed. It thus facilitates the development of uniform framework for integrating different systems, and for supporting effective interactions between the system and human users.

(2) The model for the information contents supports the processing of information at semantic level and enables the media to be active, in which the users may interact and manipulate the media contents directly to carry out high-level tasks such as the retrieval of additional information or the control of real-world entities.

(3)The model for users captures the interactions between the systems and the users. This includes the use of systems to retrieve information, and the use of tools to create contents.

MMM conference series aims to provide a forum to discuss the effective modeling of multimedia systems, information and users. The theme is modeling. In particular, it will discuss the efficient representation, processing, interaction, integration and retrieval of multimedia information, systems and users, and the associated issues.

The conference is organized under the umbrella of the Computer Graphics Society. It is targeted at researchers, academia, software and application developers and information technologists in the field of multimedia, modeling and their applications.

Topics of Interests to MMM

MMM differs from other multimedia conferences in its emphasis on the modeling aspects of multimedia systems, information and users. The topics of interests to the conference series includes, but not limited to, the followings:

Modeling of Systems Modeling of information Modeling of users Others
Formal models and verification Representation and modeling of multimedia information User interface and usability of systems Multimedia Standards (SMIL, MPEG4,?MPEG7, ...)
Hypermedia and the web Fusion of multi-modal multi-media information Mental model and cognitive aspects of users Applications
Multimedia information retrieval and authoring systems Analysis and indexing and multimedia contents Interaction models  
Virtual reality and augmented reality systems Authoring and visualization of metadata Authoring of multimedia information  
Collaborative authoring environment Content recognition and understanding of multimedia data (data mining)    
Modeling of physical/biological/geographical systems Model-based Graphics, Video and Vision    
Advanced UI systems Design and authoring of multimedia information for mass communications    

Note: Each conference may have its own theme and emphasis on different aspects of modeling.

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