About Me

I'm currently a grad-student at the Felicitous Computing Institute Lab at National University of Singapore. My research interests are Reinforcement Learning, Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing, and Context-awareness. Prof.David.S.Rosenblum and Dr.Darren Carlson are my thesis advisors. Before joining the grad-school I worked as a Business Analyst for MillenniumIT, the capital market software solution provider to the London Stock Exchange Group. I completed my Bachelor's degree from University of Colombo School of Computing, where I was awarded the Sri Lanka CINTEC (Council for Information Technology) national award for the Best Final Year Project in Computer Science in Year 2011.

I like to travel, especially hike, when time permits me. I like to try new food from different countries and experience new cultures. Reading and social dancing are two things that I enjoy most during my spare time.

Contact Details

Office: FCI Lab, COM2 01-06
13 Computing Drive, Singapore

Tel: +65 6516 2727


JARVIS is a context-aware IoT resource/service search engine. This project designs search and recommendation algorithms, especially to discover contextually relevant physical IoT services. Algorithms are based on contextual badnits, deep neural networks and tensor factorization.


Modeled emotions experienced by students in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), such as edX, based on the students’ activities in the platform. Analytical tasks included feature engineering, building classifiers and building predictors for student’s drop out period and emotions.


BuddyFS,was my final year bachelor's project in 2011 on Data-Deduplication in Virtualization Environments with Dr.Keppitiyagama. A bloomfilter approach was used to identify identical data blocks in disk images in virtualization environments and this approach was used to reduce the amount of data tranfered in VM migration/storage. This work was awarded the Sri Lanka CINTEC (Council for Information Technology) national gold medal award for the Best Final Year Project in Computer Science in Year 2011


IoT 2016 : A Bandit Approach for Intelligent IoT Service Composition across Heterogeneous Smart Spaces

N Wanigasekara, J Schmalfuss, D Carlson, David S. Rosenblum

LAK 2016 : Student affect during learning with a MOOC

John Dillon, G Alex Ambrose, N Wanigasekara, Malolan Chetlur, Prasenjit Dey, Bikram Sengupta, Sidney K D'Mello

EDM 2016 : Student Emotion, Co-occurrence, and Dropout in a MOOC Context

John Dillon, Nigel Bosch, Malolan Chetlur, N Wanigasekara, G Alex Ambrose, Bikram Sengupta, Sidney K D’Mello

UbiComp 2015 : A Semi Lazy Bandit Approach for Intelligent Service Discovery in IoT Applications

N Wanigasekara

CISIS 2014: BuddyFS: A File-System to Improve Data Deduplication in Virtualization Environments

N Wanigasekara, CI Keppittiyagama


IBM Research Lab India: Research Intern [Jun 2015 -Dec 2015]

Modeled student behaviour in Massive Open Online Courses

National Univerity of Singapore Teaching Assistant: CS2103 - Software Engineering [2014/15 Sem-1, 2015/16 Sem-2]

Explain course material, cordinate module activities and mentored students on their projects

MillenniumIT: Business Analyst [Sep 2011-Aug 2013]

Investigated client requirements and designed software components for algorithmic trading and decision analysis systems Was he lead consultant for the Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX) on deploying a large scale order routing system and completed the delivery in under 4 months, a record delivery time in MillenniumIT