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SPaDES/Java is an implementation of the SPaDES (Structured Parallel Discrete-event Simulation) modeling and simulation framework based on the process-oriented modeling paradigm.  A set of modeling primitives provided allows the simulationists to concentrate on modeling the problem.  SPaDES/Java supports sequential simulation, and it is portable across all platforms.

This framework is the fruit of the National University of Singapore's Modeling and Simulation Group, a research team specializing in parallel simulation tools, techniques and applications.  SPaDES/Java is championed by Associate Professor Teo Yong Meng from the Department of Computer Science, and implemented by Ng Yew Kwong, currently an honours year student in the School of Computing.  The project is funded by the Ministry of Education (Singapore) and PSA Corporation, and supported by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (Japan).

To get the SPaDES/Java version 0.1 freeware, submit a request form by clicking on "Software Request" on the left.  The software package will be sent to you by email.


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