Specification Mining Group
Institute National University of Singapore Department Computer Science Laboratory Programming Language and Software Engineering Address COM1, 13 Computing Drive, Singapore 117417 Email specmine 'at' comp.nus.edu.sg Contact (65) 651-61862
DESCRIPTION Welcome to Specification Mining Group (SpecMine) of the Department of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore. In SpecMine, we develop algorithms and tools for: SpecMine was founded in 2006 and led by Dr. Siau-Cheng Khoo.


A generic specification miner for software implementation. LM mines interaction protocols among objects in the format of call sequences. LM supports specifications in form of sequential pattern, temporal logic or live sequence chart. LM accepts execution traces or an executable program (Java or Binary) as inputs. [ICSE'10]

A tool for establishing signatures of normal behaving applications and monitoring the current behavior of applications to check against the learned specifications. [RV'11]

A mutation framework for inferring legitimate API rules. COPPICE infers interaction rules between objects in the format of call sequences. COPPICE supports specifications in form of temporal logic and receives an executable Java program as input. [ICFEM'11]

An efficient system for discovering predicated bug signatures to assist in debugging. HIMPS leverages the hierarchical instrumentation technique to efficiently discover bug signatures from execution traces. [ISSTA'14]


Last updated on 1st Nov, 2011.